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ELYS Fashion luminaires – ultimate solution for fashion store lighting

People choose what they buy based on colour, especially when it comes to clothes. Satisfy your clients’ needs with quality lighting that allows them see the true value of your products.

Conventional light sources do not show the real look of goods, but rather faded shades of their true colours. ELYS luminaires designed specifically for fashion stores come with XICATO Vibrant Series (V95) which shows the correct colour quality, highlights visually pleasant appearance of surfaces, right colour saturation, and chromatic values.

Using Xicato 1x2 SDCM we can guarantee that the colours remain the same for the whole lifetime of the luminaire. The colour stability is covered also by the insurance company Munich RE; it gives warranty that the modules will never reach more than 3SDCM. Xicato LED engines reach excellent color rendering from R1 - R15 (CRI 98), including exceptional high R9 for red tones.

The luminaires from ELYS family include stucchi track connector and a phase switching slider which allows for safe and comfortable operation. With a thermally protected driver the luminaire is able to react to overheating first by regulating its output and if the overheating lasts, it turns off automatically, so that there is no damage caused to the driver.

Forged heatsink design improves its performance by 60% compared to AL die-cast and extrusion technologies; it has also a positive impact on colour stability and LED operation lifetime. Another benefit is the optical system with 94 % efficient resolution structure and a spring mechanism which simplifies the maintenance.

ELYS is a win-win choice for both customers and retailers – simple and cost-efficient to maintain and operate, while quality of lighting is remarkable. It comes with a mounting on a track, surfaced or suspended, you can choose from square or round shape with a single or double head version.


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