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Communicate faster at POS with PRESTIGEenterprise Store Messenger

Online Software AG presents new chat functionality for the AppConstructionKit in PRESTIGEenterprise for efficient, internal communications via Smartphone. Online Software has enhanced its PRESTIGEenterprise AppConstructionKit with a new exciting tool, the Employee Chat module. With the Employee Chat module, internal communications can be structured considerably more simply, quickly and efficiently. For example, this makes it possible for a store manager to transmit small tasks, which require immediate attention, via messaging quickly to an employee's smartphone. In addition, in group mode, information can be sent not only to one person but to a group of people. In this way, central marketing employees may use Chat to forward important notices of pending promotions to all stores.

Retail employees are inherently more often on the sales floor than behind desks, so that emails are not the best forms of communication. As well a constantly ringing telephone is  rather a disturbance on the sales floor. A short message that is also displayed on a cell phone‘s screen when it first arrives, may be quickly viewed and immediately acted upon. No matter if a broken pickle jar requires cleaning up, a shampoo bottle needs refilling or a cash register must be newly staffed. Employee Chat always reaches the right person in the shortest time. And this on a medium, the cell phone, which is more than familiar for all employees.

Employee Chat is a PRESTIGEenterprise AppConstructionKit module. The content for AppConstructionKit-based apps can be managed, changed and kept updated very easily as usual with PRESTIGEenterprise. The wide variety of usable modules makes it simple for retailers to assemble a personalized app and offers a lot of room for creative ideas. 

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