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Client Monitoring with PRESTIGEenterprise

Online Software AG presents the new PRESTIGEenterprise 5.2 software version for the first time at EuroShop. PECM - PRESTIGEenterprise Client Monitoring is the catchword for the Spring 2017 release. The collection of all system-relevant data as well as their immediate analysis allows the optimal control of store-overlapping POS promotion systems. From now on all status messages for both ongoing advertisements on screens as well as for all current and planned print jobs will be merged and evaluated in a central location in the PRESTIGEenterprise communications platform. Detailed information, such as what the actual status of the connected systems is in realtime and what effects occurring problem cases have, appear on the the intuitive user interface. In this way the system can identify, for instance, that a paper jam is present in the printer or that the required media for presentation on the screen advertisement is missing.

The data to analyze is prepared via PRESTIGEenterprise Services. This customized interface allows for access to the data and functions of PRESTIGEenterprise that may in turn be presented in your own corporate design. The new Internet platform PRESTIGEsandbox can be used to test the extensive functions of PRESTIGEenterprise Services. This includes a full featured PRESTIGEenterprise installation with complete access to all modules.

Other areas have been further developed to monitor running systems. With the enhancement to ContentAbo functionalities, in addition to images, videos and products, now changes to templates are also automatically updated for running playlists. This automation guarantees a consistent image for your in-store Digital Signage ad scheduling. Not only the consistency is of great significance, but also the timeliness of the advertising media, in order not to, for example, not to violate any licensing rights. The expiry date for content was developed for this purpose. This innovation includes the contol of timely limited content within your ad planning, for example, the application of a customer or a discount campaign. The expiration date can be specified individually for images, videos and Web content. If desired, a user can retrieve a report of duration limits for running content via the system. After expiration of the time limit media are deleted from the scheduling.

With the motto „Shopping with a smile – impressive moments with PRESTIGE“ Online Software, together with partners Allgeier Enterprise Services, AOPEN, NORDLAND systems, Reditune, Samsung Electronics und Tradesolutions, will exhibit highlights of emotionally addressing shoppers in stores in Hall 6 / Stand A79 of EuroShop 2017 – from classic print solutions to digital customer communication on screens, video walls, information terminals, cash registers and scales, all the way to mobile addressing via apps and mobile solutions for contemporary, comfortable work.

Learn more at: www.online-software-ag.de/EuroShop2017

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