BoothConstructions.com to Expand their Nexus with an Expressive Construct

6th February 2017, Berlin, Germany | Euroshop 2017; the leading trade show for the exhibition industry is just a month away from its commencement. Being one of the most anticipated trade shows, Euroshop provides a platform where latest innovations in the industry are showcased.

With exhibitors from over 56 countries coming to participate at this trade show, it has become a name synonymous with grandeur in the trade show industry.

BoothConstructions.com has been an active participant in Euroshop with its trade show solutions. For over a decade it has been providing its eminent solutions to various clients at Euroshop.

This year BoothConstructions.com is primed to showcase its unique ideology and resolve by itself participating in this global trade platform. They are set to present an exhibit portraying the value of their brand and the promise of their design; by integrating a prodigious blend of technology and creativity. As affirmed in their past endeavours, they plan to portray their firm belief in the potency of human interaction in marketing, with an authentic exhibit. They believe in the power of expression to have an impact that persists. And with the remarkable faces behind the prominent design house present to interact at the exhibit, they’re set to put up a promising show likely to impress.

                                                                       “An expression is worth a thousand words”

Over the years BoothConstructions.com has strengthened their clients with:

• Concepts inclusive of all parameters.
• Original designs and solutions.
• Distinguishing presence on the show floor among competitors.
• An exhibit that leaves a lasting impression.
• A stand that portrays the exhibitors promise.

About BoothConstructions.com

BoothConstructions.com is a known name in the exhibition industry. With an enriched experience of more than a decade the company has established a strong presence in more than 30 countries. Together with a diligent and creative team of booth designers and builders the company weaves visually appealing stands. The brand has been a leading name and is trusted for coming up with innovative technology oriented brand-supporting designs that help the companies leave a mark in the exhibitions they participate in.

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