Arken S.p.A.

At Euroshop Arken S.p.a. Exhibits one of the most traditional shopfitting systems, the boiserie, reviewed in a contemporary tone.

" We told our story with honesty and openness, showing what we can do best". Mr Carlo Baldassini- Architect and President of the company- said once back from Euroshop, the leading Exhibition for Retail.

" We have just followed our unending paramount vocation: offer an"innovative" solution to the continuous development of our market, saving costs and respecting our disposition as high-tech carpentry".

From 5 to 9 March Arken has received more than 1000 visitors at his plain and essential booth. The key of our success was to offer a classical shopfitting, the boiserie, wisely mixing tradition and innovation without overlooking the current market trends. We found our inspiration in the typical bosses of the   19th century by the addition of hidden metal racks. The locations where the boiserie finds his place, are strongly marked out with accessories, shelves and artwork, so that products on sale significantly stand out.

"Lots of resources have been invested in such ambitious project both from the research and production process viewpoint", Mr Walter Bianco- CEO of Arken S.p.a.- says. "We are convinced that the introduction of boiserie in flagship stores and franchise is a great intuition", he continued.

 Skillfull designers supported the company management and gave a new look to the company, combining old and new features. Even the already existing modular systems have been totally revisited during the exhibition, being used with different commodities. This team of designers is now at our clients'disposal to help them in developing trendy and tasteful spaces able to enhance the products on sale.


Exhibitor Data Sheet