Green IT

Green IT: Do good things and talk about it

“Green computers“ have been very trendy for several years now. In 2008 in Germany they experienced a break-through at the computer trade shows Cebit and Systems. Computers produce a lot of waste heat and need a lot of electricity for cooling and operating of processors, hard drives, monitors and printers. But it takes several years until the topic of trade shows becomes a topic for the masses. This is true for private users as well as for the retail market.

Interview with Ulrich Hieber, Divisional Manager Retail at Toshiba Tec

Point-of-sale terminals without fans and Digital Signage without a player – those were some of the new presentations by Toshiba Tec at the last EuroShop. Retailers can save energy with these solutions. What’s more, former NCR director Ulrich Hieber sees Toshiba already well on its way in conserving resources during the production process. He also views a longer equipment life cycle with replacement parts that are available for a long time as a contribution to the subject of Green IT.

Interview with Hildegard Gerhardy, Market Manager Retail Store Solution, IBM Deutschland

For Hildegard Gerhardy Green IT is not just a technological aspect, but also a profitability factor. She thinks that on its way from being an initiative towards tried and true concepts and the compatibility between profitability and environmental friendliness, Green IT has made some big strides.