Event Technology

The technology in the background makes for great trade fair presentations

Emails and mail, telephone calls and video conferences cannot replace a one-on-one conversation. Trade fairs are still important dates in the industry calendar each year. Aside from trade fair presentations, companies also plan their own events – from an in-house exhibition all the way to events to motivate the staff. Modern event technology assists in reaching self-imposed communication goals.

Interview with Kari Mettala, CEO Panphonics Oy, Finnland

Retailers in the German-speaking countries are somewhat conservative as far as the use of novel loudspeakers for shop fittings is concerned. That’s something that’s bemoaned by Kari Mettala, whose Panphonics company offers various sound systems for retailers. With its directional loudspeakers, Panphonics aims to reduce the noisiness at tradeshows and in stores and provide a better ambience.

Interview with Mossadegh Hamid, Managing Partner DIMAH, Ostfildern

Trade fair visitors are not supposed to just walk by, but instead should like to enter the booth. It‘s the key question for all exhibition booth builders on how you manage to accomplish this. They support exhibitors with creative ideas and on-site service in the show hall. Mossadegh Hamid, Director of the trade show agency DIMAH, wants to appeal to the subconscious of visitors, to where they don’t have to think long to just come closer. Though technology is important to him for this, the main focus has to be the communication goal of the client.