Window-Shopping in London

Picture Gallery: Spring motifs


Image: Shop window with flowers and a big perfume bottle; Copyright: iXtenso/NM
A real rain of flowers at Penhaligon's. It almost seems like an underwater world.
Image: Shown in a shop window are light flowers on moss and stone; Copyright: iXtenso/NM
Using nature scenery featuring snowdrops, moss, rocks and “cascading” white flowers, Molton Brown creates a stylish and refreshing look, complemented by an emotionally appealing, romantic image of a mother and her children at the seaside.
Image: In the shop window are shown stuffed animals sitting in a flower field; Copyright: iXtenso/NM
The daffodils in the window display at Beanie Boos adds another splash of color.
Image: In the shop window stands a creepy girl and looks at two Easter bunnys; Copyright: iXtenso/NM
Isn’t she a little creepy yet sweet at the same time, this girl with the big dark eyes? Reminds you of Alice in Wonderland. This style is simply perfect for Laduree in Covent Garden.
Image: Pictures of enchanted forests in a shop window; Copyright: iXtenso/NM
"Enchanted Forest" – the name of the campaign seen on the screen, describes the magical merchandise at Ryman. You still get a sense of spring here but in a more abstract manner.
Image: Flowers and green bunnies in a shop window; Copyright: iXtenso/NM
At Roja Parfumes real flowers mean more work for the empolyers, but they are also very appealing.
Image: A rose border in a shop window; Copyright: iXtenso/NM
Among the dark green windows and doors that are so characteristic of London, the rose border created by The Body Shop catches your eye; it’s perhaps a tad too obvious but still very striking.
Image: Watering can with drops in a shop window; iXtenso/NM
If you want things to grow, you need to water them. A clever idea by The Cambridge Satchel Company ... that is actually created by water drops directly pasted onto the display window and a suspended watering can.
Image: A badger sett and foxhole made of paper in a shop window; Copyright: iXtenso/NM
One favorite among all of the window displays: even though the merchandise at Hermès clearly takes a backseat to the badger sett and foxhole, the multilayer construction and the loving details truly deserve praise! Even the bracelets love their vegetables ... ... and ties explore the ground.
Image: Stuffed animals and easter candy in a shop window; Copyright: iXtenso/NM
Well, … it’s sweet. At least the chocolate is. Easter at Godiva.
Image: Flowers made of paper hanging in a shop window; Copyright: iXtenso/NM
At Whittard, the product design in the window displays harmonizes beautifully with the simple yet attractive floral cut paper silhouettes. The wooden boxes as a presentation tool to create elevation feature the trendy vintage look and emphasize the natural touch.