"The store windows are our calling card"

Interview with Nicole Werner, visual designer of L+T


Image: Smiling woman with glasses. In her hands she holds a golden statue; Copyright: VMM

Nicole Werner with the Award for Best Visual Marketing; © VMM

First class Window Displays at L+T

Image: Two mannequins stand between many paperbags; Copyright: L+T
Image: Bags are presented on paperbags. In the background you can see a big painting; Copyright: L + T
Image: Shop windows of the shop L + T. Scenes of Ruben's painting are seen everywhere; Copyright: L + T
Image: A mannequin stands horizontally in a shop window. In the background are seen a painting and paperbags; Copyright: L + T
Image: In the center are two women. The background is in orange shades, scenes of Ruben's paintings can be seen; Copyright: L + T
Image: Advertising brochures of L + T; Copyright: L + T
Image: A blue LED window shop; Copyright: L + T
Image: People stand infront of a window shop, mobile phones are direct towards the window shop. On the left side is a QR code; Copyright: L + T