International Mannequin-Trends 2014

Tips and Trends for Retailers


James Chiao, President CNL Mannequins

Californien, USA

USA Mannequin-Trends

Image: Mannequin made of metal; Copyright: CNL Mannequins
Image: Lieing and standing mannequins, wearing beach fashion; Copyright: CNL Mannequins
Image: Black mannequin with golden hands; Copyright: CNL Mannequins

Professor Dorman Lee from A2 Mannequin

Hong Kong, China

China: Mannequin-Trends

Image: Sitting mannequin; Copyright: A2 Mannequin
Image: Mannequin wearing a black evening gown; Copyright: A2 Mannequin
Image: Streching mannequin; Copyright: A2 Mannequin

Vasileios Papadopoulos from Angelina-Periergon, Mannequins - Shopfitting

Athens, Greece

Greece: Mannequin-Trends

Image: Mannequin with wooden arms; Copyright: Angelina-Periergon
Image: White mannequin; Copyright: Angelina-Periergon