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Overview: Visual Merchandising

Photo: Christmas decorations made of glass and wood in the form of fir trees; copyright: iXtenso / Pott

Customer Magnet: Christmas Decoration Trends for 2018


While parents are wondering where to hide the Easter eggs for their children, retailers are already contemplating decorations and decor for the upcoming 2018/2019 Christmas season. After all, the design and presentation of stores and display windows are an important factor that helps to get consumers in a festive holiday mood and inspires them to start buying Christmas presents.
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Image: Shop window with doves and bricks; Copyright: iXtenso/NM

Designing store windows: It is the idea that counts


She is bubbling over with creativity: Karin Wahl, a professional visual designer of store windows and sales floors. She seems to find a story for every product to stage it and catch the interest of pedestrians passing by a store. That’s why this interview is also quite intriguing …
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Image: Shop window with flowers and a big perfume bottle; Copyright: iXtenso/NM

Window-Shopping in London


Lots of green, many flowers and floral designs – that’s the look of window displays in London’s shopping districts. They run the gamut from lavish to very simple details. Get inspired!
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Image: A customer stands infront of a shop window with a big screen; Copyright: Magic Schaufenster

Customer approach becomes more digital – and practical


Lifeless mannequins with whom customers cannot identify could soon be a thing of the past. At least, if it’s up to new entrepreneur Mesut Yilmaz. He has developed a digital marketing concept for retailer’s store windows which he will be presenting at EuroCIS.
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Image: A bald man with folded arms. Around him are standing white-golden mannequins; Copyright: Hans Boodt Mannequins

"The interest of Chinese retailers and fashion brands has extremely increased"


In April 2015, Hans Boodt Mannequins announced to enter the Chinese market and to participate at C-star. With its mannequins featuring exceptionally high quality and remarkable designs, Hans Boodt Mannequins is - without a doubt - one of the leading trendsetters in the global mannequin business.
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Image: Many, different colored bottles standing on the floor; Copyright: European Specialist Printing Manufacturer’s Association

Stepping into the world of Printed Interior Decoration


It is not always immediately obvious how one industry sector can successfully work together with another. For example linking the printing world with construction. Printed Interior Decoration can easily make this a possibility.
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Image: Two mannequins stand between many paperbags; Copyright: L+T

"The store windows are our calling card"


The design of the German Fashion House L+T is single sourced from the store window all the way to print advertisements. Nicole Werner, who was recently presented with the Award for Best Visual Marketing for her work, is in charge of design at the company. At, she talks about creative ideas, successful planning and controversial reactions to interactive elements in the store windows.
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Image: Mannequin made of metal; Copyright: CNL Mannequins

International Mannequin-Trends 2014


Mannequins are one of the most important decorative elements in shop windows and stores. Since offers are numerous the search for a suitable model can be difficult. Therefore, we asked some of the most successful mannequin manufacturer all over the world on current trends and top sellers.
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Image: Big screen in a shop. A young woman is standing infront of it; Copyright: Luigi Bucchino

Using store windows effectively as customer magnets


Those, who know how to use the power of store windows, can change passers-by into paying customers with the right design. For retailers this means decorating in an individual, accentuated and effective manner. Changeable and interactive design elements that can turn the store window into a customer magnet and calling card of a company are right on trend.
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