Shopping center concepts in flux


Image: Food court; Copyright: mfi AG

Strictly speaking, malls need to make three things possible: shopping, provide local amenities, and gastronomy; © mfi AG

Customers are drawn back to the city

Image: Shopping center in Leipzig; Copyright: mfi AG

A personalized selection at every location is a very important subject, as it is also crucial to the success of a mall; © mfi AG

Industry report with a special focus on customers

Customers want to buy, shop and linger

Gastronomy in the mall is becoming more and more important

Image Palais Vest; Copyright: mfi AG

At Palais Vest shopping center in Recklinghausen the operator tried to attract the type of retailers that were previously not represented in the city and the region; © mfi AG

Every shopping center needs personalized choices

Shopping centers need to be "individual all-rounders"