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Overview: POP Marketing

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"The POS is not rocket science" – emotional design for Astra


Interview with Lars Roisch, Managing Director at Stein Promotions on the design of the Astra product vignette in St. Pauli’s EDEKA.
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Category Management: Great planning is crucial for sales


The job profile for the category manager is as multifaceted as the products this sector revolves around. From procurement to placement, marketing, and presentation all the way to market analysis, every detail needs to be carefully considered to skillfully sell products to customers.
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How content fills the screens


As an eye-catcher, digital signage offers endless possibilities – but only if the content is carefully selected. Retailers are still intimidated by this aspect – though there are various content management solutions that support them in this process.
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Photo: Woman in front of a display; © NEXTGEN smart instore

Digitale Instore-Media: New ways to improve customer communication


Customer communication is increasingly influenced by digital media at the store. Whether this happens via app on the customer’s smartphone, on a large flat screen, on a small display at the checkout or on an interactive kiosk – in-store digital media provide retail with a large variety of opportunities to directly address the customer.
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Photo: Markus Meyr; © mydays GmbH

"Motivated employees are more efficient"


One of the most important factors for a company's success are the employees. Markus Meyr develops creative ideas for corporate clients at mydays for successful employee retention and motivation. In this interview he explains what companies must do today in order to motivate employees in the long term.
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New items for the POS: display highlights from EuroCIS 2016


Extra-large, interactive and holographic: the most advanced point of sale displays that battle it out for a distinction at the POPAI Awards were introduced at this year’s EuroCIS trade fair. We have summarized the highlights for you. The awards ceremony will take place in June at the POPAI DACH Awards Gala.
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Photo: IFH Juniorprof. Dr. Monika Imschloß; © privat

What we hear is what we feel: Guiding the buying decision process sensibly


For retailers, these insights could mean brand-new kinds of targeted sales promotion at the POS: our perception on how things feel to us can change depending on what type of music we listen to. Psychologist Professor Monika Imschloß of the University of Cologne discusses the findings of her study with us.
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Photo: cold and rain chamber at Globetrotter in Cologne; © Globetrotter

Just try it: What brick-and-mortar stores do better than online retailers


Over hill, over dale or off to bed ‒ getting to test products directly in the store is a real advantage brick-and-mortar businesses have over online retailers. All of our senses become a part of the purchase decision in this case. Creating an experience can range from very simple settings all the way to gigantic backdrops.
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Customer loyalty in social networks – The direct line to the customer becomes more and more important


Customer service today is also being increasingly used online these days. Also in social networks for instance. Many retailers miss opportunities in this area, since social media is an important tool to make customer contact, but is far too often being neglected.
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Digital Merchandising: Static is so yesterday


The eyes lust for more and technology makes it happen: digital signage provides an almost infinite pool of presentation types for advertising managers. In a time when multichannel retailing has become the workhorse, these types of advertising can also be linked and contents updated at the touch of a button.
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