Scent marketing in retail creates a welcoming atmosphere

The use of scents at the POS increases attractiveness and customer loyalty

Photo: natural essential oils; copyright:

Fragrances are created individually for each retailer, depending on what they want to achieve with them. ©


Scent islands draw attention

Photo: bakery products and sweets; copyright:

The idea of increasing sales with fragrances is anything but new. In the 19th century, bakers built sophisticated air shafts, which were used to guide the scent from the bakery onto the street via pipe systems. ©

“It’s not about the actual smell of the scent but what it triggers“

Photo: video display at EuroShop 2017; copyright: iXtenso/Mareike Scholze

At this year's EuroShop, Reima AirConcept spread a pleasant coffee scent via a scent-emitting video display. © iXtenso/Mareike Scholze

Air refinement also implies odor neutralization

So what does all of this mean for retailers?