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Overview: POP Marketing

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Foto: Jeans-Abteilung der Herrenbude

Nur, was der Chef selbst tragen würde, kommt auf die Bügel


Individuell, authentisch und ausgewählt – so ist das Sortiment des kleinen Modegeschäfts namens Herrenbude in Köln Ehrenfeld. Ein Konzept, das auch in Zukunft keine Angst haben muss vor großen Onlinemodehändlern. Davon hat uns Achim Schmitz, Inhaber des Stores, persönlich überzeugt.
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Photo: Sunday in the calendar marked with a pin; copyright: panthermedia. net / Olivier Le Moal

Sunday shopping creates rift


The ongoing debate over shopping hours on Sundays has heated up in recent months in Germany. Unions successfully filed lawsuits against many Sunday shopping events. But retailers view Sunday shopping as a great way to attract customers. Is this the answer to the pressure exerted by e-commerce giants on brick-and-mortar businesses?
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Photo: Amazon Prime Now bike courier; copright: Amazon

Amazon is not the cause but the symptom


Regardless of what you might think of Amazon, in 2017, the internet giant has pioneered more innovations than any other entity. Time and again, Amazon is being accused of causing the death of retail stores in town centers. But things are not quite so simple, argues Adrian Hotz, an entrepreneur, and visionary.
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Graphic: Social Media Keywords, copyright:

Using content more efficiently across multiple channels


You need to create ambitious content for multiple social media channels but lack time and resources? Most companies are familiar with this challenge – more coordinated efforts, communication networking and a joint editorial calendar can already have a great impact. In the end, synergies are also used between the individual platforms.
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Photo: Felix Horstmann, copyright: Felix Horstmann

The optimal placement of displays depends on a variety of factors


Felix Horstmann, scientific assistant for the Chair of Marketing and Retail Management at the Philipps University of Marburg, focuses on the impact and effects of POS displays. In the interview, he explains how they should be positioned in the store.
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Photo: Point of Sale displays at the POPAI D-A-C-H awards; copyright: POPAI

Point of sale displays: Utilizing the brand effect


Regardless of all the technical innovations, analog retail displays, i.e., physical display stands, continue to be an important sales promotion tool at the POS. The benefit of displays is that they stand out from a variety of similarly presented products on the shelf. Their design has a crucial impact on sales results.
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Photo: Display with pens, copyright: iXtenso/Schmitz

POP displays for category management


When it comes to marketing measures pertaining to category management, it essentially includes all retail marketing tools, complemented by tools of manufacturing marketing- if applicable. These tools also comprise displays at the point of purchase.
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Photo: Hypebox in a shelf, copyright: MMT

Displays for the POS: from cardboard display to digital signage element


The actual decision to purchase a product or brand is often made at the POS. It takes the right means of communication to persuade consumers at this juncture. Most notably, this includes eye-catching brand communication. That’s why the retail industry frequently uses displays – also affectionately called “traffic stoppers” – to showcase small or seasonal items.
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Photo: natural essential oils; copyright:

Scent marketing in retail creates a welcoming atmosphere


Scent marketing in retail has gotten a bad reputation over the years. That’s also the reason why only very few retailers let the public in on their concepts. Having said that, many consumers are often oblivious to the fact that scents are only part of the overall retail strategy, while visual and auditory components that have the same effect are also playing a major role.
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Photo: little boxes stick on a shop window; copyright: Feonic

Sound systems perfectly stage products and brands


Sales aids that stimulate the senses of customers are becoming more and more important. Visual marketing alone is no longer enough. Nothing should be left to chance, even when it comes to music. After all, a professional music concept doesn’t just improve the brand experience, it also increases the time customers spend in front of the shop window or in the store.
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