Unrealized potential in online food retailing

Fresh delivery service coverage primarily in metropolitan areas

Photo: Delivery man hands over a food crate to a woman at the front door; copyright: panthermedia.net / Ian Allenden

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Slow start in Germany despite high growth potential

Infographic: Bar chart shows proportion of online revenue from groceries in total FMCG revenue; copyright: Kantar Worldpanel / statista.com

Analysis from Kantar Worldpanel show that in most countries the majority of groceries are still bought in traditional brick and mortar stores. © Kantar Worldpanel / statista.com

Creating a hassle-free ordering process

Challenging: Shipping perishable foods

Infographic: Infographics of a survey about quality demands of consumers for delivery services; copyright: McKinsey / statista.com

Affordable, quick delivery is key for online grocery sales. © McKinsey / statista.com

Growth opportunities thanks to convenience aspects