Digitization of light

Light attracts people – Change inspires perception

Light has long been an important tool for merchandise presentation in retail. Since the invention of gas lamps, new technical developments were used for store layouts as soon as possible. Now however, it is no longer just about a set lighting atmosphere. Light should be changeable – during the course of the day and depending on the season. Important for retailers are not only new light fixtures but also new lighting control technologies.

Interview with Dr. Armin Wedel, Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research in Potsdam, Germany

After the LED, now the OLED, the organic light-emitting diode is being developed. What is already feasible with it and what are the advantages of the luminous, thin components? Dr. Armin Wedel, who researches the technical specifications for OLEDs in lighting, answers our questions. He believes that only a small part of the possible fields of application are identified.

Interview with ZVEI-Managing Director Dr. Jürgen Waldorf

Salvador Dali painted with vivid paint colors and lighting designers can paint with colored light. DALI helps them to do this. The acronym stands for ”Digital Addressable Lighting Interface“. This international standard digital interface is the basis for intelligent and flexible lighting management. Manufacturers of control units have joined force in the DALI working group to promote the DALI standard.