Climate technology

Fresh air is very welcome, but no drafts please

Customers and employees should feel comfortable in stores and specialty shops. While the ambiance, the showcased merchandise and the lighting catch someone’s eye, climate technology happens behind the scenes. Not until something is not working right, do you notice it: it gets too hot or too cold, people complain about drafts, the lack of fresh air or irritating noises.

Interview with Jan Kröger, Managing Director of Hafner-Muschler

With new construction in the food trade, too many savings opportunities are still being passed up, believes Jan Kröger, who is the Managing Director of Hafner-Muschler since January 2010. Prior to that, he worked 15 years for competitor Epta, last among other things he was in charge of business in Germany. HM is a specialist in cooling technology, hydraulic systems, combined cooling and heating technology and geothermics. The company from Balingen, Germany, showcased a pilot project with Aldi Süd at the EuroShop. Will more come out of this? Does ground storage energy pay off? How can regenerative energies be used sensibly?

Interview with Jörg Straßburger, Managing Director, Corporate Sales and Marketing of Epta Germany

The Epta group with its headquarters in Milan, Italy, produces refrigeration units and cold storage cells all the way to cooling- and air conditioning systems. In 2010 the German daughter achieved about 80 million Euros in total revenue – and not just with retailers. Its customers also include oil companies, logistics companies and multi-unit restaurants. Managing Director, Corporate Sales and Marketing Jörg Straßburger explains which cooling systems are suited for large and which ones are suited for small grocery stores, what the benefits of CO2 are and where carbon dioxide reaches its limits. And he draws trade fair conclusions after the EuroShop 2011.