CSR: Today more of a must-do than a can-do

Corporate social responsibility in retail

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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability are no longer uncharted waters for retailers. While in the past CSR still was somewhat of a voluntary social commitment, these days it is an important factor for company success. However, oftentimes end customers still don’t fully understand sustainability of products and processes. Particularly in retail, this can result in customers turning away from the B2B as well as the B2C area.

Interview with Stephan Schaller, GS1 Germany

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GS1 Germany currently works on a glossary that is meant to facilitate a common language for industry, retail and customers and clear up the maze of approval seals and ecological requirements in companies along the entire chain of production. In our interview, sustainability expert Stephan Schaller explains why sustainability terms and requirements should be harmonized. He also explains how sustainability is going to develop in retail and names examples of best practices taken from company business practices.

Interview with Martin Blumberg, CEO of brands & values

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Martin Blumberg is Managing Director for Sustainability Consulting at brands & values. In 2011, he introduced the back then still new topic of sustainability at the EuroShop at the “Sustainovation” special exhibit. Today he tells us in our interview what has happened in retail since then.