Modern Booth Construction – XXL Great Calling Card

©  Ueberholz GmbH
It's that time again. After three long years, the Trade Fair Düsseldorf is once again flying under EuroShop's red and black flag. And what would a trade fair be without its exhibitors? Nothing. What would exhibitors be without booth constructors and booth designers? Also nothing! And especially not at a trade show. After all, a great exhibition booth is the best calling card for your company.

Interview with Enno Block; Messe Düsseldorf

©  Messe Düsseldorf
If you want to present yourself at a trade show in style, you don’t choose a turnkey exhibition booth, but a custom booth instead – custom-made so to speak. For the past 17 years, interior designer Enno Block has passionately erected small structures for the Trade Fair Düsseldorf, which –even though they are not permanent structures- leave a permanent impression. He reveals how he is able to transform a booth into a living room in the middle of a huge exhibition hall. He also gives us a look behind the scenes and shows us which trends and visual delicacies we can expect at the next EuroShop.

Interview with Patrick Schmidt, Liganova GmbH

© Liganova GmbH
The ADAM award is to exhibition construction companies what the Oscar (Academy Award) is to actors. Every year, the FAMAB Association for Direct Business Communications gives the ADAM award for outstanding exhibition and brand presence. This year, ADAM sped away in a Mercedes-Benz: the A-class pavilion won the award in the L-Category. It was designed by the LIGANOVA GmbH. Patrick Schmidt is its Creative Director Live Communication and in this EuroShop interview talks about the challenge with this project and how the winning design idea originated.