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Overview: Shop Fitting & Store Design

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Photo: bakery with a modern shop design; copyright: AICHINGER GmbH

How bakeries blend tradition with future


Bakeries have to compete against rival types of businesses offering baked goods. That's why some bakeries use digital signage or technological payment solutions to reel in customers.
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Photo: well attended shopping center; copyright:

From shopping center to third place


Only eight shopping centers are currently being built in Germany. There are a number of reasons for this. Booming online business, extensive approval processes and the development of new building sites thwart development. To stay attractive, operators and investors have to boost revitalization measures and try new experience-driven concepts.
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Photo: store Editions de Parfums in Paris; copyright: Roland Halbe

Editions de Parfums: Like a voyage into a parallel world


Frédéric Malle’s new perfume boutique Editions de Parfums in Paris' Marais district opened in 2016. It is one of the first major retail stores the architects Jakob+MacFarlane have designed. Hopefully, it will not be the last, since it is offers a highly surprising and individual look. We asked Brendan MacFarlane how the tiny room turned into an apparently infinite space.
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Photo: new store concept for gas stations from Lekkerland; copyright: Lekkerland

Quinoa salad and fresh-baked bread from the gas station


Once upon a time, gas stations were just gas stations. A little later, they were the last resort to buy beer and cigarettes when all the other stores were closed. Nowadays, gas stations stand out with baked goods, fresh salads, and smoothies and give bakeries and supermarkets a run for their money.
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Photo: SEAT Store at Lakeside Shopping Centre; copyright: Green Room

Always in motion: SEAT rolls out new concepts for its dealerships


Car dealers respond to the changing buying habits of their customers and expand new retail concepts. The ambiance of car dealerships is increasingly defined by digital technologies, premium settings, and graphic displays. This is how the automotive sector responds to the growing trend of more and more prospective buyers doing research on the internet before they make their purchase.
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Photo: Weber Original Store in Berlin; copyright: ppm gmbh

The smell of barbecue is in the air


EuroShop has shown: the retail sector has become unimaginable without emotionalization and storytelling. More than ever before, the customer journey is like an adventure that appeals to all the different senses. Philipp Nottekämper from ppm planung + projekt management knows how to implement this perfectly. His team was in charge of the new design and concept of the Weber Original Stores.
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Image: A store full of handbags; Copyright: Kuprnenko

Store Design and Shopfitting at EuroShop 2017


Shopfitters, designers, lighting experts: They all have to work hand in hand to design the ultimate store. Needless to say, this is also always an issue of time, driven by an opening date that’s as early and as much on schedule as possible.
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Image: Outside of the market hall in Rotterdam; Copyright: Mörs/iXtenso

Shopfitting: "Sustainability is a driving force and not the antithesis of design"


His genuine enthusiasm for responsible shopfitting is palpable. Dr. Christian Hilz of Trend-Store is one of those people who is wholeheartedly facing this tough challenge and willing to pass his knowledge on to others. For him, the key to sustainability primarily lies in transparent processes. He explains in this interview, what he means by that.
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Image: Outside of the market hall in Rotterdam; Copyright: Mörs/iXtenso

A Different Type of Market: The Market Hall in Rotterdam


Rotterdam's "Markthal" (English: Market Hall) is very impressive. During the press event for EuroShop 2017, we visited the building and share our impressions with you.
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Photo: bookstore stories! in Hamburg, Germany; copyright: iXtenso/Günther

Giving books their own special space


Shelves upon shelves and book spines next to book spines – that’s what German bookstores generally look like. Oftentimes, there is not enough room to showcase individual products. Even cleverly placed book tables or book stands and displays can’t change that. That’s why we picked two very special stores that draw the attention to individual books by using a very individual concept.
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