SOM - The Most affordable SmartPOS powered by Windows / Android OS

"SOM" is revolutionary product that fits in to various product categories. It can be a Smart POS machine, Time Attendance system, Price Checker and also an Information Signage. It has a  10.1 LED Display and Projected Capacitive touch, "SOM" encompasses optional features such as MSR, RFID, NFC , Barcode Reader etc.
"SOM" is powered by Z3735F Windows Chipset that supports Windows 10 and RK3188 Android OS. It has a Rich I/O Panel that has 4 x Com ports , USB Ports, HDMI, TF Card Socket and possibility to install an SSD as well ( Z3735F).
"SOM can also be wall mounted connected with other peripherals such as Printers, Scanners, Cash Drawers and Customer Pole displays.
Most importantly, "SOM" is the most affordable machine for Budget Customers !

Exhibitor Data Sheet