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Overview: Retail Technology

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Photo: customer is handing her Douglas Card to a cashier; copyright: Douglas

Douglas: A more personal sales approach with the new Beauty Card


The Douglas perfumery chain makes positive experiences with its new customer loyalty card. Thomas Oberste-Schemmann, Director of Global CRM Analytics, talks to us about the benefits for customers and the conclusions the company can draw from an analysis of data taken from online and offline channels.
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Photo: unbemanned, mobile store on wheels at night; copyright: Wheelys

Unmanned stores: what local supply might look like in the future


Even though store hours have become more flexible these days, we probably all know the following scenario: every time we urgently need something – typically on weekends- supermarkets are already closed for the day. In the future, unmanned stores that are open 24/7 could be the answer to ensuring around-the-clock local provisions.
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Photo: push notifications are directly send to a smartphone; copyright: Neirfy, Viktor1 /

More relevance for retail customers thanks to location-based marketing


Until recently the "mobile" subject matter only had one specific focus, namely "apps". Having said that, the current Adobe Digital Insights Report shows that worldwide app usage remains stagnant. In the U.S., usage has decreased by 28 percent. Meanwhile, smartphone usage rates are growing sharply: the number of online visits occurring on smartphones in Europe has risen by 156 percent since 2014.
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photo: Yvonne Bachmann; copyright: Händlerbund

ebay & Co: "Support in the fight against fraudulent shoppers"


Selling products on portals like Ebay or Amazon seems to be easy at first glance. However, retailers should consider some things to be legally on the safe side. We talk with Yvonne Bachmann about pitfalls and best practice.
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Image: A hand is pointing at a virtual shelf; copyright: jumptomorrow

Virtual shelves at the POS


They fit onto the smallest sales floors and are still able to show the entire product portfolio: virtual shelves. That is also why they have become increasingly popular over the past three years. Retailers like EP: and Knauber also rely on this interactive source of information.
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Image: Stylist offering advice through Skype; copyright:

Curated Shopping promises an ideal shopping experience in online retail


Online shopping – a shopper’s paradise. It offers a huge selection, there is no commitment, you can do it without interruption and it’s fast. At least that’s the ideal concept. Reality often differs greatly. Finding the right everyday outfit quickly resembles finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. Curated shopping is designed to help and combine the best of online and offline retail.
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Photo: Beacon in entrance lighting solution of EuroShop; copyright: Osram

EuroShop interactive: Successful use of GPS and beacons


The retail industry is more mobile than ever before. That was also evident during this year’s EuroShop: 12,000 visitors took advantage of the current EuroShop app. It allowed them to use location-based services, which not only genuinely benefitted them but also the exhibitors.
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Image: Elke Moebius; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf/C-star

Elke Moebius: "Digitization and emotionalization are the hottest trends"


A female powerhouse – with enough energy for ten people: that describes Elke Moebius, Director of EuroShop. After countless conversations and endless miles walking the halls of EuroShop, she has made many personal experiences, which she shares with us in this interview. She also takes a look ahead to next year’s EuroCIS.
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Image: woman with VR glasses; copyright: Wang

A look ahead: Virtual Reality at EuroShop 2017


What’s the actual purpose of virtual retail applications? Is it all about the fun factor or maybe more about the chance to obtain more comprehensive information? At any rate, the interactive character of these solutions provides many opportunities for the retail sector – both online and offline.
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Foto: Someone is pressing his thumb on an electonic device to pay for something; Copyright:

Pay by using your fingerprint


Mobile payment options with smartphones have not comprehensively made their way into brick-and-mortar stores yet, at least not in Germany. On the other hand, interest in biometric payment systems is growing. Today, many users already unlock their smartphones or laptops using their fingerprint.
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