POPAI Forum 03/09/2017

Hall 3 / Stand E36

Foto: Dr. Gerd Wolfram, CEO IoT Innovation & Consult

Moderation: Dr. Gerd Wolfram, CEO IoT Innovation & Consult




11:00-11:30 am

Instand product personalisation innovating the retail experience to entice shoppers back in-store

In this informative and inspirational presentation, visitors will discover the true potential and simplicity of integrating product personalisation solutions in-store, and the opportunities this brings to on-premises retailers - increasing and maintaining customer footfall and engagement, while driving profitability and positive word-of-mouth PR. Providing a ‘real-life’ case study, a representative from a forward-thinking retail brand will explain the success and benefits this innovative and exciting concept has brought to their business and how it has helped differentiate them from their competitors – both online and in-store.

Tat Tran, Roland DG

Photo: Tat Tran

11:30-12:00 am

Digital Signage: Your Performance Marketing Offline

  • Joining sensual reality with online performance in the store
  • Types of Digital POS and their implementation
  • Personalized communications: facial recognition and more
  • Drive customer engagement with interactivity
  • Conversion & ROI: How efficient is your digital signage?
  • How to create and manage digital signage without any involvement from the IT professionals?

Sergey Galeev, Addreality

Photo: Sergey Galeev

12:00-12:15 pm


Steven Weiss, SHOP! USA

Photo: Steven Weiss

12:15-12:45 pm

"Digitization: Will the user forget? What is the role of the strategy?“

André Dahms - digital expert

Photo: André Dahms

12:45-1:15 pm

Shopability For Profitability: How to go from data straight to decision making?

Monolith is about Shopability For Profitability. At Monolith we have spent three years at creating most precise behavioral tracking algorithms for retail stores. However, retailers still struggle with rapid drop of visitors and drastic increase in non-actionable data points which does not enable them to increase profitability of their stores. This is why we developed ActionBoard, world’s first prescriptive analytics retail platform which puts actions and decisions in front of simple and dull data gathering.

Martin Birac, Monolith/Crossmarks bv

Photo: Martin Birac

1:15-1:45 pm

Understanding the impact of Convenience Retail Display in the UK

POPAI UK and HIM Research and Consulting have partnered on a trial to evaluate display in convenience retail. With more than 20 percent of grocery sales going through convenience it is now essential to optimise display investment. Initial findings highlight the value of future learnings to both brands and retailers.

Martin Kingdon, Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI), UK and Ireland

Photo: Martin Kingdon

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