Omnichannel Forum 03/09/2017

Hall 6 / Stand I09

Foto: Sarah Pust

Moderation: Sarah Pust, pusteblumemedia




11:00-11:30 am

Big Data and Retail Intelligence to increase the profitability of my business

Technology presents us a disproportionate number of data, which has been called Big Data, characterized by its volume, speed and diversity. Analyzing the data makes it possible to predict and reveal patterns about consumer behavior therefore enabling retailers to act accordingly. Nevertheless, the challenge is to sort such unstructured data in order to obtain a good analysis that guarantees the appropriate decision-making in real time.

Alvaro Angulo, TC Group Solutions

Photo: Alvaro Angulo

11:30-12:00 am

How to engage customers through M2M communication between retail equipment and mobile phone

One of the main challenges in Omnichannel retail is to collect data about consumer behavior in the point of sales, especially for manufacturer. At the same time, every modern customer has its mobile device with him 24/7. So the challenge can be easily solved by using such technologies as Internet of things and Machine to machine communication. Do you want to know how? Come to our speech!

Olesia Zvirko, SoftServe Smart Solutions

Photo: Olesia Zvirko

12:00-12:30 pm

Profitable Merchandising Decisions: Driving Revenue Growth through Machine Learning

  • Increase 5% profits and margins through a better customer experience in a highly competitive environment
  • Retailers that are embracing data-driven pricing models are able to balance pricing and inventory while optimizing their revenue up to 15%.
  • Best decisions, delivered daily- Machine learning algorithms test and measure interactions between price and demand changes and automatically sets revenue- und profit maximizing prices

Stefan Sandulescu, Blue Yonder GmbH

Photo: Stefan Sandulescu

12:30-1:00 pm

Mister Spex - Online, Offline, Multichannel

The advantages of online shopping are obvious. What's missing, is the emotional experience of the brand and its products. With a Mister Spex Store, the Berlin-based company combines the best of offline and online retail. In devising a strategy, dan pearlman was tasked with creating a brand experience for the well-known online optician strengthening the brand in the offline sector and raising its appeal with new target audiences.

Marc Eisenbach, dan pearlman project GmbH

Photo: Marc Eisenbach

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