Meet SES-imagotag, the global leader in connected digital price tags (ESL) -> Booth #6E51

In a world where in-store and online commerce converge, synchronization through omnichannel solutions has become vital for anyone wishing to offer a seamless shopping experience between their stores and their clients. Through interactive digital price tags, in-store shopper connectivity and solutions such as mobile self-scanning and product geolocation, the connected store by SES-imagotag creates a whole new experience for shoppers:
  • Dynamic and intelligent pricing
  • Hi-speed flash tag
  • Red, Yellow digital price tags
  • Fashion tag
  • The Findbox as a solution
  • Real-time planogram
  • Geolocated in-store picking
  • Total shopfloor optimization
  • Store traffic analysis
  • Merchandising compliance
  • Web-to-store synchronization
  • In-store shopper connectivity
  • Self-scan mobile
  • Rich content at the shelf
  • Retargeting after in-store visit
SES-imagotag -> Booth #6E51

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