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Overview: Lighting

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Light up your business – LED in retail


By now, "light-emitting diodes", or LEDs, are well-known in the lighting market. Next to halogen, luminescent and other electric discharge lamps, they are among the many lighting options available on the market.
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Supermarket lighting: good times for shopfitters


Lighting design has become a much-appreciated design element in shopfitting to increase sales at the point-of-sale. Especially in supermarkets, a harmonious lighting concept can attractively stage all product sectors. LED lighting solutions make everything even more affordable and flexible.
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Image: Building at night. The ceiling of the entrance is illuminated and shows different pictures; Copyright: guttenberger + partner

Modern Lighting Design: Trends by Lighting Designers


Light, the all-rounder creates ambience and accents like no other means. This year’s EuroShop revealed how retailers can put their products in the right light in the future. Lighting designers and shopfitters skillfully vied for the attention of the expert audience and showed the trends of the upcoming years.
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 Image: Many mannequins in an illuminated room; Copyright: Lichtkompetenz

"Light becomes more integrated and moves closer to the product"


He lights up stores from Istanbul to Bali: Joerg Krewinkel heads the international "Lichtkompetenz" lighting design office in Switzerland. At this year’s EuroShop, he was part of the first "Lighting Designers' Zone" as an exhibitor. And even though he is already on his way abroad again for his next project, he takes the time and delivers insights into the latest trends by lighting designers.
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Image: Builing at night. On the building is written in illuminated letters:

"The overall concept needs to be right"


Lighting Design has many different facets; one of them is illuminated signage. It is meant to create emphasis and stand out. It is especially important not to cross the line between tastefully striking and tacky and gaudy. Right before this year’s EuroShop, Hendrik Lenfers from guttenberger + partner spoke with us about light boxes and the elegant use of app-controlled RGB-LED.
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