Kiabi tests the connected loyalty card

Kiabi is experimenting with a number of volunteer customers the connected loyalty card, for a more personalized and interactive welcome in its Beauvais shop :
  1. As soon as the customer enters the store, she is recognized thanks to her loyalty card, via an integrated chip, which is in her bag or her pocket. She receives an SMS to welcome her and offer her loyalty points. 
  2. When the client approaches a TV screen, a personalized video launches and offers her a selection of articles likely to please her and / or her family. At the end of the video, the client finds her selection on her smartphone. 
  3. Then, during the checkout process, the sales representative receives the profile of the client on her screen. No need to take out your loyalty card, it is automatically added to the receipt. 
"Digital technology allows us to simplify the lives of our customers and employees by inventing a seamless shopping experience. We want to bring our Kiabi loyalty card holders an enriched experience, using our customer knowledge and big data" , explains Malek Siab, regional head for Kiabi.

This project was carried out with the start-up Ubudu and Oberthur group.

Exhibitor Data Sheet