ECOpark Forum 03/09/2017

Hall 15 / Stand E24




11:00-11:30 am

The impact of an air curtain on a retail building

Terry Tang and Olivier Muller, Biddle

Photo: Terry Tang and Olivier Muller

11:30-12:00 am

Sustainable Refrigeration Solutions for Small Retail Applications

Food and beverage retailers have noticed a shift in customer behaviour in recent years. Shoppers are increasingly shifting away from larger format merchandisers towards smaller localized formats. With the different architecture of small retail formats also the requirements for the refrigeration systems change and condensing units often are the first choice. This presentation introduces the legal framework influencing the condensing unit business and gives insights to the evaluation patterns of refrigerant alternatives. It summarizes options of low GWP refrigerants in condensing unit applications and shows the impact among the value chain. Finally, it introduces the latest refrigeration solutions dedicated to small retail formats, including future-proof refrigeration with CO2 and a refrigeration unit with an integrated cloud based monitoring tool.

12:00-12:30 pm

Blue cool concept - integral refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump system with natural refrigerant for discount markets and supermarkets

Blue cool concept, this environmentally neutral cooling and heating system consists of a propane chiller, which is installed in an external container - an indirect cooling system with food-compatible refrigerants for positive temperature and CO2 refrigeration units for freezing temperature, which are built on the freezer systems and cells. The heat pump is also used for air conditioning of the sales room in summer and heating in winter.

Fiedhelm Meyer, Cool Expert

Photo: Fiedhelm Meyer

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