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DRY AGER® DX 1000® - The Dry-Aging Fridge for 100 kg meat

DRY AGER® DX 1000®
The German-Made Dry-Aging fridge for retailers / shops / restaurants

3 Options: For integration in a wall | side-by-side in a wall | free standing

Dry-Age gourmet meat with the original DRY AGER® - now in the new format for smaller areas.

DRY AGER® DX1000 - guaranteed increased meat sales in the catering trade. A meat maturing refrigeration system for Dry Aged Beef, Ham and Charcuterie.

In recent years, there has been a pleasing trend in meat consumption and a focus on quality by the consumer. Good meat, instead of mass produced, is sought after. Traditional sourcing methods are also re-evaluated. A very special flavour and experience is produced by the dry aging process, ie the dry maturing of meat. The meat is suspended, on the bone, at a controlled temperature, humidity and air quality. Thus it can mature under optimal conditions and develop its full taste.

Landig + Lava also have a tradition for quality. For over 30 years, the family business has been a pioneer in meat chilling and vacuum sealing technology. In collaboration with a food laboratory and two trained meat experts, Landig + Lava have now developed the high quality DRY AGER® meat maturing refrigerator. Assured expertise in food quality, meat maturing and technology combine in an appealing design.

Beef, lamb, game or pork, delicious sausages or fine ham. The DRY AGER® is versatile in the culinary art and likes to show what it can do. The glazed optics in the stainless steel housing allow a clear view of the degree of maturity. This offers a great focal point and conversation for the consumer. Customers can keep an eye on the maturing process and look forward to their next juicy Dry Aged steak. With the DRY AGER on view, new customers will see for themselves and it won't be long before it becomes a talking point in store. Thanks to the self-determination of the maturity level and sophisticated accessories such as the SaltAir® system with Himalaya salt blocks, each butcher can have his own manuscript inscribed into the dry-ripening process. So the best meat is even better.

The DRY AGER® from Landig + Lava has been developed with advanced technology. 5 patented systems make it possible to mature in safe, hygienic conditions.

The precise electronic control ensures a constant temperature (from 0 to +25 ° C) that can be controlled in precise 0.1 ° C increments. Thanks to the HumiControl®, the humidity can be controlled very precisely in 0.1% steps of between 60 and 90%, without the need of water connection. This, together with the integrated DX AirReg® system, provides a perfect microclimate in the refrigerator, even during fluctuating ambient temperature, and a continuous sterilization of the air thanks to a UVC sterilization box, combined with an activated carbon filter. The insulating glass doors also protect against UV rays.

With a selling price of approximately € 3,995.00, this professional dry-aging refrigerator also pays for smaller companies to invest in. After only a few fillings, it has paid for itself. Because good meat not only tastes better for the customer, but they are also willing to pay more for it.

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