Burkhardt Leitner Mekan Cözümleri San. ve Tic. A.S. (Burkhardt Leitner Modular Spaces)

Burkhardt Leitner Modular Spaces at Euroshop 2017

Creations featuring light and textiles – new producs and innovative features – iF design award 2017 for pon media

The burkhardt leitner brand has chosen Euroshop 2017 to launch a new corporate design as well as to showcase additions and innovations to its systems range. “Our systems are the originals, designed according to the German Bauhaus and Ulm School traditions – the very essence of German design. This is how we will drive the future of the brand”, emphasize the managing partners of the newly-founded Burkhardt Leitner Modular Spaces GmbH, Akin Nalça and Alp Gümüs. At Euroshop 2017 the company is exhibiting expansive modular display systems that can be reconfigured and reused over and over again. Lighting and textiles play an elementary role in the bespoke designs. The new pon media system has already won the iF design award 2017.

pon media: self-supporting and ideal for all exhibition requirements
Innovations include pon media, an addition to the light, delicate connector and rod system pon which facilitates the construction of extremely large self-supporting structures. Pon media features a new profile with a more stable cross-section making it possible to span textiles in system grooves measuring 2.4 x 2.4 metres either adjacent or at 90-degrees to one another. Profile lighting, shelving and accessories can also be incorporated into the system, which according to Akin Nalça “is ideal for all display and exhibition purposes and presents an excellent one-stop solution thanks to its multi-purpose functionality”.

Just developed and already the winner of a design prize
Akin Nalça, entrepreneur and designer, is the inventor of pon media. The system immediately won an iF design award, a renowned design prize that came as a clear sign for the newly founded business at just the right moment. According to Nalça, the company will “continue the design philosophy inherited from Burkhardt Leitner whilst enhancing its future range of classic systems with innovative accessories and applications. This award provides fantastic recognition for us!” The overall look of the pon system range will be even more spacious and particularly emotive through the use of lighting.

pila fabric: Fresh momentum for classic systems
Illumination and textiles also play a new role in the classic system pila which hs been showcased at Euroshop. Thanks to its extreme modularity, pila can be used to create complex, architectural structures and expansive self-supporting constructions even under extreme static stress. The system is used mainly for exhibitions, shops and outdoor spaces. New to the range is the pila fabric profile, which even allows textile elements to be added to existing system constructions without need for tools. Lighting and accessories can also be easily integrated providing a lively contrast to the static system.

Guiding idea for Euroshop fair: space and possibilities
Creating instant impact and atmospherics will be the future focus of the burkhardt leitner brand, as well as a “more intensive interaction with the surrounding space”, according to Akin Nalça. For the fair a new motto has been coined accordingly: “Space and possibilities”.

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