BUILT FOR THE FUTURE With SYSBOARD, Studio Hartensteiner has developed an ecological, modular partition wall system for rapid deployment in trade shows, museums, and events.

The trade fair business typically still follows the old-fashioned motto of “faster, higher, further,” which burdens the environment and makes things difficult for everyone involved. Many wall systems are complicated to set up and not very ecological to produce. Andreas Neubert and Jan Hartmann, managers of Studio Hartensteiner GmbH, have introduced a new solution with their SYSBOARD wall system: a rapidly deployable partition wall system that promises the trade show and conference industry a simpler and, above all, more sustainable future. And what’s more: With SYSBOARD, the team at Studio Hartensteiner is also offering a separate product family with the sound-insulating acoustic absorber SYSBOARD/Flex and the foldable moderation chart SYSBOARD/Fold. This means that SYSBOARD is offering a wide range of modular solutions for users in the trade show and conference industry as well as for workshops, museums, and exhibitions. All of these solutions have one thing in common: They’re made of either recycled materials or renewable raw materials.
Backed by many years of expertise in trade show setup and new-product development, as well as a direct line to R&D departments in the wood processing industry, SYSBOARD was launched on the market following an intensive period of development.

Modular and well-designed down to the last detail
SYSBOARD has a modular design comprising pre-assembled, lightweight panels that make it quick to set up and customizable to specific applications. Infinitely height-adjustable feet ensure straight presentation surfaces, even under difficult conditions. Thanks to flush, stainless-steel connectors, the system can be expanded and stabilized as needed. The individual elements are quickly connected, hoisted, and disconnected, permitting additions and conversions at any time. The trick: Thanks to the patented SYSBOARD fittings, all the lightweight panels are interlocking and self-compacting as well as extremely easy to take apart. Other specially designed fittings serve to convert the SYSBOARD wall panels into sliding or swinging doors or to supplement them with shelves or table elements. These invisible jack-of-all-trades allow construction in any direction and, when no longer needed, can easily be converted back into wall panels. Less equipment with more options: That’s the underlying principle. Innovative wall plugs for twin-wall sheets offer additional options for installing mounting points on the front and back.
To ensure that SYSBOARD also blends visually into any room, the design is borderless and seamless. SYSBOARD’s surfaces and cover layer panels can be individually adapted to customer requirements or to local safety standards, thanks to a total of four standard designs and quality levels, including melamine, HPL, natural fibers, and, optionally, high flame-resistance. Other color and surface options are available on request. ABS around the edges protects panels and surfaces and guarantees a long service life.

Ecology and efficiency in one
SYSBOARD is made in Germany, signifying conformity to the highest quality standards. A short production distance reduces emissions while, in terms of materials, developers Neubert and Hartmann are dedicated to sustainability and efficiency. The lightweight panels have a natural-fiber core consisting of renewable wood fibers. The corrugated honeycomb core uses 70 percent less material than solid panels with no loss of stability. Despite the minimal use of adhesive, the middle and cover layers are seamlessly bonded together, inherently stable, lightweight (10 kg per 1 m²), and 100 percent recyclable. With a material thickness of only 30 mm, they also offer the advantage of a low shipping and storage volume.

The SYSBOARD partition wall systems have been awarded the “eco to the core” seal, making them a lucrative CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) investment measure for companies that think and act progressively. Studio Hartensteiner embraces a conscious reliance on sustainable raw materials that will also benefit trade show and event setup.

Colors:           Premium white (pearl texture), natural
Materials:     Melamine, HPL, natural fibers, reaction to fire class C-s3,d0 corresponds DIN EN 13501-1 (B1)
Available from Studio Hartensteiner and www.sysboard.de

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