Architecture & Design Forum 03/08/2017

Hall 10 / Stand E02




10:30-11:00 am

Innovativity in Architecture

How could the creative industry support cities to create commercial relevant retail design? Innovativity: the combination between innovation and creativity. One case to be presented: Welle7, the third place.

11:00-11:30 am

The Orchestration of all light sources in the store

Orchestration in music means creating a score for different musical instruments that act together in a composition. What that could mean to a lighting concept being harmonious, energy efficient, modern and customer orientated, we would like to point out here. To go into the teamwork of indirect lighting from the ceiling, direct lighting from spotlights, shelve lighting and backlight in furnitures or mirrows shows the complexity of the light composition. The challenge to respond to digital solutions integrated in an optimal lighting environment is continuing topic. Since LEDs have reached our Retail World there are nearly no technical bounderies set for us as lighting design community concerning light management. What is going to be possible and how far can be seducted from new technical potential?

Marion Meckel, Ansorg GmbH

Photo: Marion Meckel

11:30-12:00 am

Complexity and QA of LED in a global context

Based on the large retail project "City of Dreams“ in Macau, it shows how in a global context a worldwide project team, the quality assurance of the overall planning process from beginning to final commission can be guaranteed. This is a field experience that showcases the complexity.

Joerg Krewinkel, LICHTKOMPETENZ GmbH

Photo: Joerg Krewinkel

12:00-12:30 pm

Emotional Retailing & Retaildesign

Retail is still detail, but the why shall the client buy in the store? The question “why” is more relevant ever. The customer wants relation and attention - and a story is one possible solution…

Wolfgang Gruschwitz, Gruschwitz GmbH

Photo: Wolfgang Gruschwitz

12:30-1:00 pm

The store of the future will be a flexible space that doubles as consumer insight lab (with Footlocker and Sidestep)

Today’s stores no longer just have to stand up to comparisons with other bricks and mortar retailers, they are  also in a global competition thanks to the Internet.  We hear constantly that stores need to deliver more 'theatre' and more  excitement –compelling spaces that people will be excited by, while at the same time delivering what shoppers need and how they prefer to shop.  James Breaks, Design Director of rpa:group, will address the implications of a constantly changing retail space for brands globally and offer some solutions, sharing some successful examples.

James Breaks, rpa:group

Photo: James Breaks

1:30-2:00 pm

Digital Solutions - from the very beginning (with best practice: Vorwerk)

2:00-2:30 pm

Creating Successful Shop-in-Shop Brand Experiences

No longer seen as they once were, shop-in-shops provide a key opportunity to engage customers in a branded experience. Different than just a “one-off” pop-up concept, shop-in-shops have the ability to be curated experiential moments that keep both brands and consumers coming back for more. FRCH will share the various roles shop-in-shops play for retailers, brands and consumers, as well as the future evolution these brand experiences play.

Robyn Novak and Monica Gerhardt, FRCH Design

Photo: Robyn Novak and Monica Gerhardt

2:30-3:00 pm

International Retail Design Trends

Claudia Horbert, EHI Retail Institute

Photo: Claudia Horbert

3:00-4:00 pm

Retail in Russia

The panel is exclusively dedicated to modern retail development and technological modernization of retail business in Russian Federation. The session will disclose:
• The macroeconomic trends and expectations of the marked dynamics in 2017;
• The retail market landscape and Strategies of the Leading retailers incl challenges they face now;
• The key trends in technological modernization of online and offline retailers. The needs of retail businesses in the area of digital transformation;
• Case studies from international and local retailers on implementation of innovative technologies.
• Architecturals innovations and store design solutions for new retail formats.

Anna  Pilyugina,  CEO of Russian subsidiary of LPP S.A. group
Alexey Filatov, Business to Business Conference Group (BBCG),
Florian Jansen, Lamoda,
Andrey Utochkin, Business Community Fashion-Retail-Design
Anna Pilyugina, LPP S.A

4:00 - 4:30 pm

Storck World Oberhausen: the new Shopping Experience

Everyone knows them: Dickmanns, Riesen, Nimm 2, Werthers Original, Merci, Knoppers. The company behind the sweet brand portfolio is Storck. Founded in 1903 as a candy manufacturer, the company today is among the ten biggest manufacturer of sweet treats worldwide. Now, Storck decided to present the famous products in a new 180 square meters flagship store for the first time. dan pearlman was responsible for the implementation of the experience world in the shopping mall Centro Oberhausen.

Volker Katschinski, dan pearlman

Foto: Volker Katschinski, dan pearlman

4:30-5:00 pm

The Retail Design Lab, towards more knowledgeable retail design

Do you want to know more about the science behind retail design? With our multi-disciplinary team of designers, architects, environmental psychologists and marketeers we do research in retail design. We have gained a lot of knowledge in how to design for retail and how the consumer perceives retail spaces which in turn influence buying behavior and store loyalty. Based on that knowledge we have developed some retail design tools and retail audit tools. We are happy to share this (scientific) knowledge and show some insights in how to design for retail, with the consumer in mind.

Dr. Katelijn Quartier, Retail Design Lab, Hasselt University

Photo: Dr. Katelijn Quartier

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