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Ace Diffusion uses T3 Affinity to create a large ‘shop in shop’ for Baxelert mall event

Swiss portable marketing solution specialists Ace Diffusion recently used T3 Affinity to design and create a massive temporary display area for a winter sales retail event at the Baxelert leisure and shopping centre in Genève, Switzerland.

Using the UK-manufactured T3 Affinity display system, Ace Diffusion built a 7m x 40m ‘shop in shop’ shell scheme for retail exhibitors to build upon.

Located in the middle of the Baxelert mall, the stand was commissioned by a single exhibitor but was used by multiple clothing brands that each had demarcated areas for their ranges to be set up and displayed to the public.

Philippe Van Ameyde from Tecna Display said: “The team at Ace Diffusion came up with a fantastic way to build the retail area with our T3 Affinity system. They created demarcated areas for the individual clothing brands with low walls of fitted Dibond panels and the changing rooms were 1m x 1m rooms fitted with a milky plexiglass roof.

“This was used to firstly allow customers to use the changing rooms without being seen from above but also to let light into the room. The curtain rails were created by fitting rails directly into the channels of the T3 Affinity beams.

“Even faced with a relatively large area to complete and the need for a shell that was functional and easy to work with for a number of different teams, the unique features of T3 Affinity such as its modularity, easy twist lock connectors and ease of set up helped Ace Diffusion deliver a fantastic result.”

Jonas Mathys, Director at Ace Diffusion added: “We had a very short time period to set up the whole stand - around three hours - but with three or four members of my team we were able to do it easily. The client also loved the stand, particularly the fact that it looked so great finished and that they could use the system for many other events just by buying a few extra options.”

For more information go to www.acediffusion.com  or for more information on Tecna Display’s T3 Affinity, go to www.t3affinity.com, email sales@tecnadisplay.com or call +44 (0) 208 803 4469.

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