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Photo: Bettina Zimmermann, copyright: Ganter interior

... Bettina Zimmermann, Ganter Interior


Today, the planning of stores can rely on completely new methods and technologies. Bettina Zimmermann, Managing Director of Ganter Interior GmbH, explains how 3D printers can support shop fitting.
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Photo: Ronny Kirschner, Kirron Light Components

... Ronny Kirschner, Kirron Light Components


Digital prints, lighting and sensors: When these components are used together, they can become real eye-catchers at the POS. Ronny Kirschner, Managing Director of Kirron Light Components, explains what is important.
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Photo: Silke Ruland, Jegab Display GmbH

… Silke Ruland, Jegab Display GmbH


The Jegab Display GmbH has been offering display systems for 34 years. We talked to CEO Silke Ruland about the significance of analog solutions and a personal customer approach in the Digitized World.
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Photo: Denis Robens, copyright: Radio P.O.S

... Denis Robens, Radio P.O.S


Retailers must grab the customer’s attention to entice him/her to the POS. However, multisensory media can only be successful if the technologies behind them are well synchronized. Denis Robens, Head of Sales at Radio P.O.S, talks about this issue with
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Photo: Lutz Nungesser, copyright: METTLER TOLEDO

... Lutz Nungesser, METTLER TOLEDO


Web services for scale management quickly deliver new functions to the sales floor and clever scale management tools ensure a sustained reduction in total operating costs. Lutz Nungesser, Business Area Manager Retail Region Central Europe at METTLER TOLEDO explains how this works.
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Photo: Timo Michalik, copyright: visuals united ag

... Timo Michalik, visuals united ag


No other area in a store is as underutilized as the floor itself. Meanwhile, great flooring can actually do more than just create a wonderful indoor ambiance. Photorealistic varieties can also highlight a product and boost sales. Timo Michalik, Executive Director of visuals united ag, explains what’s important.
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Photo: Frank Jansing, copyright: KMW Kühlmöbelwerk Limburg GmbH

... Frank Jansing, KMW Kühlmöbelwerk Limburg GmbH


Refrigeration systems of the future are not only intelligent and flexible, they are also sustainable in energy consumption and production. Custom system solutions are increasingly in demand. Frank Jansing, CEO of KMW Kühlmöbelwerk Limburg GmbH, explains the important aspects.
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Photo: Ralf Gladis, copyright: Computop GmbH

... Ralf Gladis, Computop GmbH


These days a cross-channel shopping experience is more important than ever. This also applies to the payment method selection. Fraud prevention is another critical success factor for conversion rates and sales. Ralf Gladis, Managing Director of Computop GmbH, explains how omnichannel payment solutions are becoming secure and convenient.
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Photo: Stephan Renkes, copyright: Oktalite

... Stephan Renkes, Oktalite


Light doesn’t just assist with visual perception, it also affects our well-being or performance. That is also why human centric lighting is becoming more and more interesting for the retail sector. Stephan Renkes, Director of R & D at Oktalite knows how employees, customers, and retailers can benefit from it.
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Photo: Nick Crosbie, copyright: AirClad

... Nick Crosbie, AirClad


Furniture that suit the needs at any time or any place: Pop up and mobile structures for exhibition construction and live events are becoming increasingly interesting. AirClad is one of those systems that can be used anywhere. Nick Crosbie, Creative Director at AirClad, provides an insight into the AIR-Lounge at EuroShop 2017.
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