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Ergo concepts by Evalomel SARL MON LUMI
539 Av Jean Prouvé
30000 Nimes, France

Phone: +33 1 80876336
Fax: +33 1 80876337


Interactive Plan

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Digital design for kids area


Between unique consumer experiences and ultra targeted communication, one can see that there will be a lot of challenges induced by Digital communication technologies, which will require proper understanding, clear vision and appropriates methods.

Kids areas are of course one crucial element helping parents to improve their shopping experience, and Ergo Concepts offers a broad range of tailor made solutions for that.

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Clever and adaptive communication concepts


For Brands, stores, but also museums, transportation and all public places in general, the importance of digital communication is becoming huge. Big changes and opportunities are on their way redefining how all these sectors see the customer/visitor experience. The impact is already very important and clearly leads to a redefinition of how and why they communicate with the public.

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Innovative communication that makes sense


Ergo Concepts helps you making your way through the new emerging world of digital communication. Our company contributes to create a story based on the use of sensitive technologies which fits into your existing marketing concepts.
We'll help you also with defining digital communication strategies, selecting the right tools, developing the appropriate software modules and coordinating those new activities within your organization.

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