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Ismail Cetinkaya

Sales Manager D/A/CH, EAST, TR

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Exterior lighting

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Lights for general or ambient lighting

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Façade lighting

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LED lamps

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Lighting planning and lighting systems

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Lighting control systems

Our products

Product category: Lighting

Aura T5 Eco Saver Protector Long Life


Aura T5 Eco Saver Protector Long Life is covered in a plastic protector film. The lamp is developed for areas that are subject to special safety requirements to protect sensitive products. Aura T5 Eco Saver Protector Long Life is available with FEP protective film, which is suitable for use in open and enclosed luminaires. The lamps are designed for applications such as food processing industry, other industrial productions plants (e.g. chemical, paper manufacturing), laboratories, sports facilities and museums.

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Product category: Lighting

Aura T8 Signette Long Life


Aura Signette Long Life is tri-phosphor lamp with very good colour rendering designed to give internally illuminated signs a uniform distribution of light, especially for environments where the temperature is low. Inside the outer tube there is specially designed diffuser layers integrated to give optimised light uniformity both for single- and double-sided signs. This lamp is designed for applications such as outdoor sign boards, single- and double sided and outdoor display. The diffused light distribution optimises the overall image of the advertisement and the direct intensity of the lamp is very low. The Aura Signette-D Long Life has two layers opposite of each other diffusing 80°, for type A - the diffuser layer is horizontal to the socket pins and for type B - the diffuser layers is vertical to the socket pins.

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Product category: Lighting

Aura T5 Supreme Thermo Long Life


Aura Thermo Long Life is a tri-phosphor lamp with a very good colour rendering designed especially for environments where the temperature is low. The unique construction contains a Long Life fluorescent lamp cased in an outer glass tube. The lamp is designed for applications such as sign lighting, tunnel lighting, car parks, refrigerated counters, cooling cabinets and frozen storages. The outer glass tube of Aura Thermo Long Life provides a thermal insulation which results in excellent high light output at low temperatures. At -20°C Aura Thermo Long Life lamps produce up to five times more light than standard lamps under the same ambient temperature conditions. Group replacement of fluorescent lamps provides an optimal control of operational costs and gives a uniform level of light. For economical and environmental reasons Aura Light recommends a group replacement of Long Life fluorescent lamps. Aura Supreme Thermo Long Life with an outer glass tube of Ø 26 mm.

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About us

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Aura Light provides lighting that is smart; sustainable, economical, long lasting, high quality and environmentally friendly. We call it Brighter Lighting. Our sustainable lighting solutions enable professional customers to reduce cost, energy consumption and carbon footprint.

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50-99 Mio US $

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