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EuroShop 2017 hall map (Hall 9): stand E60, stand E78

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EuroShop 2017 fairground map: Hall 9


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Exterior lighting

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  • 02.01  Lights
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Lights for accent lighting

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Lighting planning and lighting systems

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Lighting control systems

Our products

Product category: Lights for general or ambient lighting


The Tea pendant luminaire, developed together with the renowned Basal-based architects‘ firm HdM, incorporates the perfect symbiosis of aesthetics and technology. It is not only the unique form of Tea that makes it stand out among other luminaires. Innovative technology and cutting-edge materials have been used to effect in a highly original and playful fashion to create this luminaire. The power cable serves as a design element. Light is emitted upwards towards the ceiling via a high-grade optical fibre. The luminaire is especially effective when applied in spaces with high ceilings.

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Product category: Lights for general or ambient lighting

Solo Slim

Solo Slim remains true to the harmonious formal language of the Solo range. But it is more slimline than ever. Discreet openings in the upper section of the surface-mounted version offer an indirect light component. And the Tunable White technology enables the design of dynamic lighting solutions. Controlled to be adjusted over the course of the day, parallel to daylight conditions, Solo Slim supports concentration and a feeling of well-being at the workplace. Three different mounting options offer scope for diverse applications.

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Product category: Lights for general or ambient lighting


Purelite marks a new generation in row lighting systems: easy to plan with and install thanks to its ultra-flat design. With a height of only 35 mm incl. control gear Purelite is so flat that it makes recessed mounting completely unnecessary. So installation can basically be left to the last minute. The linear lighting system with an indirect light component is suitable for office environments and has a luminous efficacy of up to 3100 lm per 1.2 m.  The highly innovative plug-in system already contains wireless through-wiring. Besides offering a high degree of flexibility right up to almost the close of a building project, Purelite guarantees ultra-flat, uninterrupted, shadow-free
lines of light.

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Product category: Lights for accent lighting, Lights for general or ambient lighting

Vario 90 / 110

An excellent solution for the illumination of product displays. Thanks to its minimalist design, this highly efficient trackmounted spotlight blends elegantly into the background, leaving the viewer to focus purely on the articles on display. The spotlight has a light output up to 118 lm/W, generating lots of light while using little energy. And to enable you to remain completely flexible when it comes to re-arranging product displays, the Vario 90 can be adjusted to put the light exactly where you need it. However many Vario 90 luminaires you apply – thanks to MacAdam 2 they all deliver the same stable colour temperature. 

The glare-free Vario 110 is a true highlight. It not only delivers sparkling white light for the presentation of your fashion garments and accessories. With a light output of up to 132 lm/W it will put a shine on your bookkeeping into the bargain! Thanks to passive cooling and its elegant design it fades acoustically and optically into the background. Vario 110 can be adjusted easily by hand to ensure your customers’ attention is focused on the commodities on display. However many Vario 110 luminaires you apply – thanks to
MacAdam 2 they all deliver the same stable colour temperature.

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Product category: Lights for accent lighting


The name says it all – Globo Mini – concealed behind its compact design is cutting-edge technology that guarantees this versatile luminaire can deliver light for a wide range of applications. A light output of up to 103 lm/W, coupled with highprecision light distribution and state-of-the-art UV/IR-free LEDs, all go towards making the Globo Mini a unique trackmounted spotlight for optimum product display scenarios.

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Product category: Lights for general or ambient lighting


The task of achieving the perfect illumination of articles displayed on shelves without the latter appearing to be endless is a very special challenge. The technical concept, special light distribution, design and mechanics behind the unique Shelf luminaire ensure that you can attain the best possible lighting for your retail space. Glare-free light and luminaire heads that can be adjusted to suit your respective store requirements guarantee that. Plus: these luminaires feature an extremely high luminous efficacy of 126 lm/W.

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Product category: Lights for general or ambient lighting


All good things come in threes. Which is why the ground-breaking Traq row lighting system is based on three sound pillars: the Traq Linear mounting rail, Traq LED technology and Traq Equip components and accessories. The row lighting system is extremely easy to mount, ultra-flexible and efficient – perfect lighting, simple to install. Thanks to specially developed sealing gaskets (optional) the entire system is IP54-rated and meets the standards for safe application in industrial plants. The battens and end caps are already tightly sealed. The feed points can be sealed quickly and easily using the grommet supplied. Grommets are also supplied for end-to-end mounting. No specialist know-how is required to mount the Traq system. Given the intelligent wiring concept and the simple Click & Use technique, Traq can be mounted without tools. The system allows for application-specific planning as well as integration into your lighting management concept. The combination of carefully selected LEDs with specially developed optics makes for high efficiency, uniform lighting and excellent colour rendering. Asymmetric, double asymmetric, wide beam, narrow beam or omni-directional: perfect lighting to meet your specific needs. Diverse modules and components can be integrated into the system at any time to meet changing requirements.

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Product category: Lights for accent lighting


This specially developed track-mounted spotlight is designed to stimulate consumer behaviour and, thanks to its high lumen package, guarantees perfect lighting even at ceiling heights of up to ten metres. The motorised luminaires can be operated intuitively and adjusted quickly and easily via remote control to meet individual requirements and adjust to changing spatial layouts and conditions.

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