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Osnat Yadin

Business Development Manager



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  • 07  Retail technology

Retail technology

  • 07  Retail technology
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Digital POS displays

Our products

Product category: Retail technology, Digital POS displays

Heidia shelf master


Heidia’s Shelf Master is a point-of-purchase (POP) digital signage solution for effectively engaging customers with your brand and influencing in-store purchase decisions.

This advanced, self-contained product blends elegantly and seamlessly with your shelf display, and effectively raises the standard of advertising and brand signage by enhancing eye-level visibility. 

Tailor-made by industry leader for maximum impact: Incorporated in this uniquely effective communications platform are the Heidia Group’s three decades of professional experience.  Heidia has consistently provided both global brands and Israel’s largest retail chains with groundbreaking and profitable advertising and merchandising solutions.

State-of-the-art media management solution: Shelf Master is an advanced, self-contained, dynamic shelf signage solution. It effectively provides retailers with the ability to increase product visibility and update messages instantly in response to rapidly-changing, brand-specific information. This effective, easy-to-maintain platform is remotely controlled, allowing ultimate content versatility and product adjustability at any retail point. 

Cost-effective in-store promotion: Cuts labor and time consuming POP campaign logistics. The modular solution is available is a variety of configurations and sizes, requiring a one-time installation with no external accessories to maintain. 

Tangible results for global brands: Successfully tested and implemented by P&G in Israel, with results showing an increase in response and exposure [over 50%] to their new media and marketing messages.

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About us

Company details

Heidia is Israel’s largest retail media group, specializing in branding, advertising and marketing. With a track record spanning three decades, the group creates innovative media solutions that identify opportunities and engage in a dialog with customers, successfully promoting both Israeli and global brands in the dynamic and highly competitive marketplace.

Always at the forefront of global trends, Heidia has made an enduring and significant impact on the local retail market. The group is renowned for developing innovative point-of-purchase (POP) strategies and campaigns for cosmetics, toiletries, food, beverages and small appliance products. 

The Heidia Group specializes in providing the comprehensive cycle of expert services from the development, design, planning, production and final formation of the campaign for diverse products and markets. To keep a step ahead of the competition, the group’s highly-experienced business development team is constantly developing new and innovative solutions for the marketplace.  .

Their extensive experience in the retail market and innovative approach has led to the development of Heidia Shelf Master, a digital POP solution, effectively engaging customers with the brand and highly influencing in-store purchase decisions.  By incorporating strategic elements with dynamic visibility and advanced technology, Shelf Master has substantially impacted customer engagement at the time of purchase.  

Utilizing its expertise and creativity and harnessing innovation for its customer’s benefit has earned Heidia professional recognition by international industry leaders and organizations. The Group’s track record and achievements have resulted in the decision by the Global Retail Alliance (GRA) to select the Heidia Group as its representative in Israel. As advocates of sharing information and collaboration between professionals worldwide, Heidia manages and operates E-POP, an international business network for digital innovation and retail visibility at the point of purchase.

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