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Our products

Product category: Cash drawers

Series 100

An Efficient Solution, Increasing The Effectiveness Of Your Workstation

Small in size, the APG Series 100 Cash Drawer does not compromise efficiency. It actually improves upon it because it increases the effectiveness of your workstation.

Designed around a full size till, the narrow footprint of the APG Series 100 Cash Drawer minimizes the amount of counter space required. There is ample storage in a deep under-till compartment to hold coin rolls and packaged currency. An adjustable media slot divider separates and organizes different media types.

APG Series 100 Features

With features including steel ball bearing slides and a robust latch mechanism, the APG Series 100 is proven beyond 4 million cycles.

A durable till design and the resilient powder coat finish resist the abuse in even the toughest environments. Size, color, interface, accessory and configuration options complete the Series 100 solution.

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Product category: Cash drawers


The Ideal Solution For Applications That Can Be Addressed With A Standard Duty Cash Drawer

The APG Vasario Series is the cost effective choice that doesn't sacrifice quality or dependability.

APG Vasario Series Features

Each member of the Vasario Cash Drawer family is competitively priced and includes features found in more expensive cash drawers, such as multifunction locks and drawer status reporting.

A variety of models are available to meet your specific requirements, with a wide range of size, style, color, interface and till configuration options.

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Product category: Cash drawers

E3000 Layflat Cash Drawer

The E3000 Layflat is a ruggedised cash drawer which is easy for the retailer to adopt as it has the same footprint as many of its competitors layflat solutions. The E3000 is suitable for use in many retail verticals including Food, C-Stores, QSR, Hospitality, Specialty, Pharmacy and Petrol Forecourts (Gas Stations).

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Company news




Feb 16, 2017

Cash as a Service Opportunity

Cash is not going away - that much is now sure. Now in this new era, retailers are beginning to move from looking at cash as cost of business to a customer service tool. The newly combined companies of APG and Cash Bases are engaging retailers and channel partners to allow the greatest opportunities to capitalize on this realization.

Andrew Carr, who joined APG at the end of 2016 to run the European division, explained the benefits this way, “The companies of APG in Minneapolis fused with Cash Bases in 2015 and this has provided a real opportunity to take the best out of each company going forward.  Cash Bases is exceptionally successful at bespoke solutions and invested immensely in new technologies. The results of this close relationship with retailers and innovation can be seen in the success of our smart cash handling product line and the SMARTtill™ Intelligent Cash Drawer.  APG is much more focused on providing a broad range of very high quality products but still offering short delivery times.” This can be seen clearly through the product pallet of APG who, despite being based in the United States, was offering a full range of plug-and-play cash drawer solutions to the European market long before the merger with Cash Bases was being considered.  

When asked which culture is winning over the combined company Andrew rejected making such a determination, “It is not so much a question of A or B, but rather we are providing both going forward.  You never lose those deep relationships through bespoke projects and to this we are bringing in the very successful culture of APG’s attention to distributers.” There is a plan now being implemented to complete this as Andrew explains, “Concretely, we are doing two things: we are making a strong investment in manufacturing in Europe and we are introducing a very clear and price positive platform to our distribution partners. We noticed that many partners in Europe were sitting on too much stock. Becoming more agile in our manufacturing and order fulfillment will really open them up a greater potential to serve the customer with the best solution to assure their end customers’ satisfaction. We are determined to further become the industry enabler with whom our partners can reach their fullest potential.”
Stephen Bergeron, VP of Global Marketing for APG Cash Drawer, further details what intelligent cash handling - whereby individual notes and coins entering and leaving the cash drawer and registered by the change in weight of each individual coin tray - offers to retailers, “Now we are entering an era where retailers know that they stand to gain a significant competitive advantage from next-level cash handling. Retailers are coming to us and our channel partners are looking at cash handling not in terms of only security and lowering its cost to daily operations, but now as something to leverage to improve the customer experience.”

When asked to explain how the simple act of a cash payment improves the customer experience, Stephen presented a few compelling real life situations: “The cashier is usually the most important human contact and the last a shopper encounters before they walk out that door.  If we enable cashiers, the customer benefits through a calmer, efficient and happy experience.” A mistake in the cash exchange or apprehension of the evening till count is a major drawback of the cashiering. Another benefit to the experience is having an insert which is well supplied from a store manager with the correct coinage. “With the SMARTtill™ Technology, back office systems call alert managers when coinage is getting low so that the customer is assured they are receiving only the notes and coins in change they should be.”  Finally, smart cash handling allows an entire floor team to be much more dynamic as Stephen explains, “The SMARTtill™ Solution allows lane accountability. Since every transaction is recorded and is accurate, you can exchange the cashier at any time without them being tied to their insert. At the end of the day, you have a single insert used by an unlimited number of people and it is always accurate.”
Many back-office benefits of the SMARTtill™  technology  are more obvious as Stephen confirms, “This part is easy to understand. With the SMARTtill™ Solution installed, a store can cut the time the entire workforce spends handling cash by hours per day. No more counting, no more asking if a till is full of correct coinage, no more carrying around an insert for each shift. Additionally, some retailers we speak to have ‘a-ha’ moments when they realise that they will need much smaller floats, many fewer individual cassettes and generally, dramatically less dead cash laying around every night.” reports Bergeron.

He has also been surprised where the SMARTtill™ Solution has seen its successes. “This solution really has its sweet spot in high volume, lower price per item retail like hypermarket grocery.  However, there are others who benefit; we have a baker in Germany who continues to expand with multiple locations. He has relayed to us what the SMARTtill™ technology offers him as an independent owner/operator: an end to the micromanagement of cash at his multiple locations and peace of mind knowing his customers are being shown the best face of his staff who are now free from the stress of the payment process.”
About APG Cash Drawer and Cash Bases:
APG Cash Drawer, with over 38 years of experience, manufactures a wide range of highly durable and reliable cash drawers that are delivered quickly to the marketplace.  APG has built a reputation as the supplier of choice for cash management solutions for retail, grocery, hospitality, and quick serve for thousands of customers throughout the world. Whether it’s our general application cash drawer, custom designed solutions, or the SMARTtill™ Intelligent Cash Drawer, our products and brand are differentiated by our ability to deliver innovative technologies that globally enhance efficiency and security at the point of sale. To learn more about our products, visit or call +44 1273 616300. Follow us on Twitter at @apgcashdrawer and on Facebook.

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Jan 9, 2017

APG Presents Innovative Cash Management Solutions at NRF 2017 Convention

Global Cash Drawer Manufacturer Exhibits Cash Handling Technology  to Reduce Cash Loss and Increase Store Productivity at NRF 2017, Booth #4363

Minneapolis, Minnesota- January 9th, 2017- APG Cash Drawer, a rapid growing global manufacturer of cash management solutions, will be exhibiting at the 2017 NRF Convention. The trade show will take place at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York, NY from January 15th-17th.  At the show, APG will be showcasing the latest cash management technology, suite of mPOS and security offerings, and purpose-built European products at booth #4363

“We are pleased to be exhibiting again at one of the largest retail conventions world wide,” stated Stephen Bergeron, VP of Global Marketing. “Today’s merchant is challenged with building loyalty, increasing sales with a personalized checkout experience with higher wages and a limited labor pool. Retailers who attend NRF discover the most cutting edge solutions available to them that will help solve these problems. The next generation of cash management solutions will improve a store’s operational efficiency, reducing time spent on manual cash counting and allowing managers to reallocate the labor necessary to focus on giving better customer service and generating more sales at the point of decision. We are excited to showcase the solutions that address these requirements at NRF 2017,” stated Bergeron.

On display at NRF will be APG’s SMARTtill™ Cash Management Solution, integrated with unique weighment technology under each coin and bill compartment. The SMARTtill™ Cash Management Solution offers benefits to retailers not only at the point of sale, but across an entire organization:  loss prevention, operations, treasury, and back office all realize a significant cost savings with advanced cash flow visibility and the business intelligence to reallocate labor, increase productivity and improve the shopping experience overall.

Also on display at NRF will be APG’s suite of mPOS solutions to support secure, mobile point of sale facilitated environments:

- 550 iPad Interface for cash drawers: Connected by wire directly to an iPad’s lighting jack, a retailer’s app can quickly connect to and use this locally-connected cash drawer
- 486 NetPRO® Ethernet Interface for cash drawers: Enables the authentication and encryption over LAN at the point of sale
- 854 USB interface for cash drawers: Supports the power management model of Windows 10 to conserve tablet battery life
- BluePRO® Bluetooth Device for cash drawers: Connects a low-cost, printer-kick cash drawer and pairs it with a mobile device

APG is committed to developing and investing in innovative technology that will serve markets worldwide,” stated John Meilahn, VP of Global Sales. “Whether it’s your general application cash drawer, custom designed product, mPOS interface (Bluetooth or wireless), cash recycling technology or the SMARTtill™ Intelligent Cash Drawer, APG provides global solutions that will effectively serve retail, restaurants, quick serve, supermarkets, c-stores environments and more,” stated Meilahn.

Schedule a meeting to find out more about APG’s cash management solutions at NRF 2017, or visit us at booth #4363 during the show.

About APG Cash Drawer, LLC – APG Cash Drawer, with over 30 years of experience, manufactures a wide range of highly durable and reliable cash drawers that are delivered quickly to the marketplace.  APG has built a reputation as the supplier of choice for cash management solutions for retail, grocery, hospitality, and quick serve for thousands of customers throughout the world. Whether it’s our general application cash drawer, custom designed solutions, or the SMARTtill™ Intelligent Cash Drawer, our products and brand are differentiated by our ability to deliver innovative technologies that globally enhance efficiency and security at the point of sale. To learn more about our products, visit or call +44 1273 6163000. Follow us on Twitter at @apgcashdrawer and on Facebook.

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Dec 14, 2016

Andrew Carr Now Heading APG’s European Division, Cash Bases

Andrew Carr and Stephen Bergeron about his new position at the head of Cash Bases

Andrew Carr is no stranger to nor fearful of change. He brings 25 years of experience in multiple technical and commercial leadership positions within IBM and from 2012 forward – continuing through his IBM division’s sale – in Toshiba’s retailing solutions businesses.  

He has seen first-hand what problems and opportunities leadership and ownership changes bring to an organization. “Cultural differences are not as understood or appreciated as they need to be by senior leadership. There is a massive difference between the United States and Europe and even greater difference between the West and Asia.”  This realization will be very important as Cash Bases continues its adaptation from an independent UK owned and operated cash drawer design and manufacturing company to that of a part of the Minneapolis based APG Cash Drawer.

As Andrew takes over from Phil Stone who is moving into a custodial role as shareholder and board member, he reflects on what he found so appealing about the company he now heads. “Most organizations don’t live by the stated fundamentals that only exist in HR departments or in a chart here or there. In my conversation with Mark Olson (President of APG who ultimately decided to place his faith in Andrew) it was immediately clear that the company lives by its set of principles. We talked about these fundamentals that were driving the culture. One of these which really spoke to me is that ‘there is nothing like success to drive fun.’ This perspective is something that both companies shared before the integration and this will make going forward much more fun and more successful”.

For the leadership at APG it was this compatibility but also a drive and ability to perform which impressed - as told by Stephen Bergeron, VP of Marketing at APG, “He's got a level of enthusiasm to charge the process. You walk out of a meeting with Andrew and no matter how many action items there are on the table, he reassures, 'we're going to get through this and it's going to be a lot of fun'.”

Be that as it may, Andrew’s origin and the connections he brings with him must have been attractive for APG as well.  Considering his lengthy time in the product management and commercial channels of some of the biggest players in the sector, he is well positioned to offer support and direction for product development and the sales sides of the business. “What I hope to bring to it is the ability to take the leadership of this business to the next level. I can bring a lot of connections and I want to leverage those connections to sew us together more tightly with those various routes to market. These routes themselves bring a huge amount of value, skill and expertise to retailers.”

His company can immediately improve on certain aspects to achieve the potential he sees. “Most people think internally and I have to tell you that I am thinking externally most of the time. I want to think about customers, I want to think about partners, I want to think about ISVs. I'm not sure we are engaging them and leveraging them as strongly as we might. So my focus is to make sure that those partners who work and operate in the marketplace have a really good understanding of our technology, that we are very closely aligned – and alignment is a really key word that I'll be using throughout 2017 – of customers' needs, pains, offerings and value propositions.”

When speaking about the current problems faced by and the future of retailing Andrew moves away from speaking in terms of channels, payment systems or geographic differences. “I see customer experience and the enrichment of that as being at the forefront of the key change in the next five years. Retailers are realizing and are now changing the organization structure to focus on customer experience to drive loyalty, retention and return.” Stephen Bergeron continues, “Labor is a huge issue anywhere in the world right now. Pay scales are going up, the labor pool is diminishing at certain skill levels and that whole process is challenging retailers significantly.” He knows that a well built and properly selected payment handling system assists retailers in allowing better contacts with customers. “Most of the retailers who understand where their business issues are come back to us and say: you can help me with labor, you can help me with customer facing issues”.

Stephen and Andrew make it clear: It is becoming ever more apparent that consumers will always want and need a physical point of contact with retailers and brands as a part of the ‘experience’ of shopping and could even become more important as some of the purely online purchasing moves to click and collect or bricks and mortar. They believe that providing retailers with the tools to offer the consumer the greatest satisfaction will be key for retailers’ success independent of the who, what, where or when of actual transaction. An efficient and confident cashier is naturally an integral part of this.

While excited about the future, he admits to being somewhat daunted by the “realization of what it will take to begin to execute on this potential” but adds that “If my days weren't full and I was looking for extra work to do, then I would question that potential.” For the time being, it sounds like that potential is solid  as Cash Bases continues to fuse with APG as a global POS cash handling leader.

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Dec 1, 2016

APG Cash Drawer Announces Leadership Change Within its European Operations

Global Cash Management Solution Manufacturer Appoints Industry POS Veteran

APG Cash Drawer, a rapid growing global manufacturer of cash management solutions, announced today the addition of Andrew Carr to the position of Managing Director. Effective November 1st, Mr Carr will oversee all corporate European activities strengthening APG’s global leadership team and commitment to the point of sale industry and customers worldwide.

Mr Carr has an extensive background in a variety of technology sectors, as part of a long and successful career with IBM, now TGCS.  More recently Mr Carr led Toshiba’s UK&I Retail business, following the acquisition of the Retail Stores Solution (RSS) business from IBM.  “I am excited about the opportunity that the APG product portfolio presents to retailers-- specifically the SMARTtillTM Solution throughout the United Kingdom and Europe,” stated Mr Carr. “I am honored to be part of this innovative and well respected company.”

“After sixteen years Mr Phil Stone has decided to retire from APG as Managing Director,” stated Mark Olson, President and CEO of APG Cash Drawer.  “Under Mr Stone’s leadership, the former Cash Bases company grew to become a recognized leader in bespoke cash drawer products, and he was instrumental in bringing the innovative SMARTtillTM Cash Management Solution to the POS marketplace. We wish him well in retirement.”

“Mr Carr brings a wide range of knowledge, experience and relationship connections to APG in the European POS industry,” said Mr Olson. “We look forward to his leadership as Managing Director for our European activities, as we continue our successful journey to the future.”

About APG Cash Drawer, LLC
APG Cash Drawer, with over 38 years of experience, manufactures a wide range of highly durable and reliable cash drawers that are delivered quickly to the marketplace.  APG has built a reputation as the supplier of choice for cash management solutions for retail, grocery, hospitality, and quick serve for thousands of customers throughout the world. Whether it’s our general application cash drawer, custom designed solutions, or the SMARTtillTM Intelligent Cash Drawer, our products and brand are differentiated by our ability to deliver innovative technologies that globally enhance efficiency and security at the point of sale. To learn more about our products, visit or call +44 1273 616300. Follow us on Twitter at @apgcashdrawer and on Facebook.

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Sep 20, 2016

SMARTtill™ Technology Delivers Operational Efficiency at Costcutter

Costcutter Supermarkets Group is helping its retailers save time and money by introducing the next generation in cash management technology, the SMARTtill™ Intelligent Cash Drawer.

SMARTtill™ Solution, the first intelligent cash drawer on the market, is currently being trialled within a number of stores and the technology will soon be available to the Group’s 2,600 stores across the UK.

Using the latest weighing technology, the tills count all notes and coins automatically within seconds of the cash drawer being closed. Daily cashing up becomes a thing of the past as the tills automatically reconcile every cash transaction and provide full reports for retailers on vital figures including rolling floats values, change needed, top-up values, pick-up values and sales values. In some cases, retailers can realise labour savings as much as 30 minutes per day, per POS terminal.

Dave Morris, Director of IT, Costcutter Supermarkets Group, said: “Retailers are looking for straight forward technologies that can be implemented quickly and easily whilst bringing real benefits to them and their store. We demonstrated the SMARTtill™ Cash Management Solution at our conference last year and there was a real appetite for it from our retailers. The intelligent cash drawers give retailers another way to create efficiencies within their stores and the results from the trials have been very positive.”

“Constantly delivering improved technology to our retailers is a key focus for us throughout 2016 and this new technology follows our wider technology and digital investment which includes our ActivHUB portal, ActivMOBILE app and social media training for store owners,” continued Morris.

Andy Pengelly, owner of Costcutter store in Porthleven, commented: “We’ve just completed an initial trial of the SMARTtill™ Solution, and are really impressed. Not only has it saved time but it gives me an audit trail of cash handling activities in-store, which is invaluable for day to day store management.”

Stephen Bergeron, VP of Global Marketing at APG/Cash Bases, the makers of the SMARTtill™ Intelligent Cash Drawer, comments: “We are seeing businesses achieve a reduction in cash loss of up to 90% and a labour savings of some 30 minutes daily for every point of sale. It is through these operational improvements that businesses are attaining a ROI of 11-14 months utilising the SMARTtill™ Solution.”

Stephen Bergeron added: “the SMARTtill™ Solution proves to transcend among different types of sectors and store formats, a pioneering cash management solution in the market that continues to maintain interest amongst leading retailers both within and outside of Europe.”

The SMARTtill™ Solution is a British Innovation developed and manufactured in the UK by Cash Bases Limited.

About Cash Bases
Cash Bases (merged with APG Cash Drawer in September 2015) is a leading manufacturer of high quality cash drawer and cash management solutions. For over 30 years, Cash Bases has been providing products to enhance security and efficiency at Point of Sale to market leading retailers, financial institutions, post offices, hospitality and restaurant groups, petrol stations and many other customers throughout the world.

To learn more about Cash Bases’ products, visit or call +44 (0) 1273 616300

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Sep 20, 2016

Boosting Cashier Etiquette with Cash Management Technology

Technology gets a bad rap for changing human interaction in unwelcome ways – teenagers using their cellphones at dinner, lack of decorum in social media, and dangerous use of texting while driving, to name a few. So it’s nice when you can point to an example of technology improving human contact.

We’re talking about the POS station at your favorite supermarket, convenience store or local corner shop. Deployment of cash management and intelligent cash drawer solutions can improve the shopping experience, allowing cashiers to focus more on the customer.

Traditionally, a cashier takes your money, counts it, places it in the till, looks at the POS screen to calculate the change, and then pulls out bills and coins to make change. This takes up to two minutes of barely looking at the customer, something retailers want to change to create a better customer experience at checkout.

Focus on the Customer
Cash, of course, remains the most common form of payment in retail settings, so the answer isn’t to get rid of if but to improve the transaction through better cash management. For instance, automated cash recyclers allow cashiers to focus more on the customer because, depending on the setup:

 - The employee never touches the money; customers insert it into a slot and the machine makes change
 - The cashier receives the money and the machine does the rest
 - Customers insert money and the cashier hands out the change

In any of these settings, the cashier has more time to make eye contact with customers, greeting them at arrival, asking if they found everything they needed and wishing them a nice day. Automated cash recyclers save shoppers up to two minutes at the POS station, and anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes per checkout lane each day. In smaller stores where cashiers double as sales associates, they can spend time on the sales floor upselling, cross-selling products and suggesting value-added services such as extended warranties.

Another approach involves intelligent cash drawers with weighing technology. These drawers calculate the amount of cash in the till at all times, telling cashiers and managers exactly how many bills and coins of each denomination are in the drawer, as well as the total. When a transaction is completed, all changes are recorded with a transaction number, cashier, date and time.

This allows for operating the drawers with optimum float and less interruption at the tills due to cash handling. Customers don’t have to wait while the drawer is topped off. Also, if the cashier gives a patron the wrong change by accident, the mistake can be fixed immediately. As soon as a customer notices she was short-changed, she can tell the cashier and, with the push of a button, the cashier can check if the customer is right. The result is a better overall checkout experience.

Benefits Aplenty
Cash management solutions allow POS dealers to add value for customers. Cash management offers plenty of benefits, including shorter checkout times, fewer and more accurate cash counts and of course improved interaction with shoppers. The more pleasant the interaction with customers, the more brand loyalty you build.

To find out more about APG Cash Drawer’s cash management and intelligent cash drawer solutions, see our SMARTtill™ Intelligent Cash Drawer or the Cashlogy® POS1000US Cash Recycler.

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