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  • 06  POP Marketing

POP Marketing

  • 06  POP Marketing
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Installation companies

  • 08  Stand construction & live marketing
  • 08.05  Furnishings
  • 08.05.05  Graphics, signage, banners

Our products

Product category: Illuminated signs, Graphics, signage, banners

Illuminated Signs

Illuminated signs are self-luminous and consist of a metal frame as the back of the sign and an aluminum perimeter that connects the back to the material of the front which may be vinyl (flexible substrate) or Plexiglas.
The illumination of that sign’s plate, is usually obtained from fluorescent lamps, and/or led modules which tend to dominate as a light source, because of their very low and ecological consumption without using gas as a source of illumination.
Illuminated signs are usually placed on shops facades and are a feature of the store and the pole of attraction for customers. They usually indicate the name of the store, referring to the products traded and any other information of interest to potential customers .eg phones – website – email etc.
Illuminated signs are common in road signing, having long lasting life and low maintenance costs. If Neon and LED Signs are used together, we have a better result.
Nowadays, there are several types of Neon Signs with very nice results.
In our portfolio presentation you can see many such formulas in illuminated signs which highlight aspects of the stores and give a nice light effect.

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Product category: Illuminated signs, Graphics, signage, banners

Channel Letters Signs

When referring to channel letters Signage, we mean letters that have a three-dimensional entity.
Unlike simple print of two (2) dimensions are flat and the materials used are: patch, metal, PVC, Plexiglas etc.
The signs with channel letters embossed in the international terminology consisting of metal letters from galvanized sheet or aluminum which are cut in machines and laser welded profile face, thus creating the channel letter.
There are other materials that can be fabricated letters as Plexiglas, wood, PVC, inox or combination of metal with Plexiglas.
On channel letters signs, the letters can be bright or non-bright. The bright letters can be illuminated on the face - metalplastic letters facing Plexiglas - or illuminated backlit backlighting creating around the 3D program a halo which gives special feeling when lit.
Embossed channel lettering can be made in any size required by the customer and the store or the space will be placed.
The biggest channel letters that our company has built was for the company SATURN and the height dimension was 5 meters.
The channel letters signs, placed on facades or in the most prominent point of the building and represent the enterprise, the object, and the name can be anything the customer wants.
The construction of the letters is a combination of engines and manual labor. The laser machines cut accurately the channel letters and manually stick with solder or special adhesives, to complete the assembly.
The channel letters Signs have a very impressive result and many applications, that anyone can see on our website.

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Product category: Illuminated signs, Graphics, signage, banners

Neon Signs

Neon lighting and neon signs and advertising structures with neon tubes either for internal use or external use are getting every day more and more popular. A neon sign give a special glow to the area being viewed and immediately pull the looks.
Applications in neon signs are too many. The inner and outer decoration of buildings with neon signs, lighting surfaces with a special shapes, it is impossible to use other means of lighting and many other occasions. When a Sign need to be bright and striking, then we recommend to the prospective customer to use Solatube Letters (NEON), most widely used within the signage of painted metal letters according to customer’s taste.
Neon signs are made using electrified glowing tubes, which contain neon or other gases. Connecting the two electrodes of those tubes, with high voltage, can achieve illumination of the glass tube.
The construction of a neon signs is a very specialized work. The glass artisan is heating the glass only on the parts he wishes to bend and gives the desired shape.
Then he puffs the glass, i.e. liquid enters the desired powder color and covers the internal glass tube (this operation is called puffing). Finally, the mercury comes in the tube, the air is been removed from the tube and we add the desired gas and stuck the electrodes (this task is called Formation).
Neon signs made with neon tubes have long life (over 10 years) if they built correctly, to make the proper connection and correct measurement circuit and be protected with special attention to high voltage.
In our portfolio presentation you can see many types of neon signs which highlight aspects of stores and give a nice light effect.

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Product category: Illuminated signs, Graphics, signage, banners

LED Signs

In recent years we use light diodes (LED - Light Emitting Diodes) on neon signs lighting.
The main idea of operating on LED signs is very simple: in terms of construction, consisting of a single contact of positive and negative charges.
On LED signs, in one area there are many electrons with a negative charge and many other \"holes\" as they are called in electronics, i.e. absence of electrons. On LED signs imagine about a magnet with positive and negative pole, but without the magnetic properties to such an extent. In this way we achieve that the sign’s electric current flows only in one direction and get cut in the opposite.
LEDs, are constructed so as to emit a specific wavelength when electrical current flows through them! Commonly when current flows from the anode to the cathode, the construction permits during this process to continuously emit a light in a wavelength.
Thus , the LED signs depending on their construction and wavelength to emit , we have different colors (different wavelengths), white, red, green, blue.
LED signs often preferred because it their high brightness, long life and maximum performance with low consumption (CLASS A). If you think that electronic crosses and pharmacy signs are structures with LED, then we can easily understand that we see LED Signs more and more every day.
Apart from pharmacies, LED signs are placed on facades or in the most visible point of buildings and represent the enterprise, the activity, the brand and anything the customer needs.
In our portfolio presentation you can see many types of LED signs, which highlight aspects of stores and give a nice light effect.

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Product category: Graphics, signage, banners

Pillar Signs

Pillar Signs enhance visibility of shops with limited visibility or at points where highways due to speed, drivers do not have visual contact with the Sign of the building. Another advantage of Pillar Signs is the option to view information on the surface of a Pillar Sign that can’t be included in the main label. In the construction of our Pillar Signs we use the most modern raw materials, many different styles and Pillar Signs, before installation we always precede structural design construction.
Before you decide to proceed with the installation of a Pillar Sign, you should be aware that as the Pillar Signs are followed by a legal framework provided for outdoor advertising and publicity.
To learn more about Pillar Signs applications or for the current law call us! We will be very pleased to help you.

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Product category: Graphics, signage, banners

Interior Signs

Interior Signs decorate beautifully and give a different style to the interior of a business. When talking about interior signs, we refer to any kind of digital printing which can be applied to any surface inside the shop. Any point inside can become a means of projecting.
The interior signs with appropriately selected colors and modern construction glisten the customer who enters the store and dramatically improve your business image. In order to achieve this, especially in the category of interior signs, the printing quality is extremely important since those signs are visible from very close. Prisma Art’s investment in technology and modern equipment ensures high quality interior signs.
The interior signs we construct adapt to every customer’s needs, always choosing the appropriate manufacturing process. Some of the solutions in the interior signs are:

Interior Signs in galvanized iron and aluminum
Interior Signs in Plexiglas
Logo in Plexiglas, blasted
Inox Interior Signs
Illuminated or unilluminated Interior Signs
Interior Signs consisting of metal letters
Special Interior Sign construction according to your business needs.
Decoration of any surface, such as furniture, wall tapestries and vinyl stickers.
Interior Signs on digital printing Stickers (Wall, Decorative)

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Product category: Graphics, signage, banners

Trivision Signs

Trivision Signs are signs that consist of triangular prisms, mounted in a frame. Prisms are rotated 120⁰, with each of them showing a new advertising message and /or information.
As understood, three individual images or messages can appear in trivision signs.
Trivision Signs commonly used to display the brand or products both indoors and outdoors.
Trivision Signs /Billboards , are usually been found along highways and city centers . The alternating messages in rotating prisms of Trivision signs, are eye-catching and grab viewer\'s attention. Worth to say that according to the results of many individual studies that have been made in different countries, it seems that the movement in those Trivision signs is not just gaining public’s attention, it also raises brand or company popularity!
Trivision Signs can be manufactured in all sizes and shapes (curved, horizontal , portrait format ) and placed on walls, bridges etc.

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Our company design, produce and install signages, illuminated 3D channel letters, light boxes, pharmacy signs, pylon signs, gas station signs all over Europe. 

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