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Electronic shopping trolley management systems

Our products

Product category: Retail technology

Antennas & Labels

Protecting merchandise is essential to reduce the risk of theft in store.

As store owners and managers, you open your doors to offer consumers an enjoyable their shopping experience. Unfortunately, many of these same customers attempt to leave without paying for goods, some to go great lengths to achieve this aim.

Different store categories require different approaches. For this reason we offer a range of different technologies so that a customised solution can be designed for each client requirement

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Product category: Retail technology

RF Security Label Solutions

Since it’s inception, PPS has worked with All Tag Security – the original European manufacturer of RF security tags with a factory in Manage, Belgium for Europe and Boca Raton, Florida for the U.S. market.

Now the market standard for food retail, RF EAS can be used to protect a multitude of consumer products. Over time these labels have shrunk in size without sacrificing performance, we can now offer the 31x32mm label. Considered the most powerful RF label in the range with consistently high pick rates, it can be used effectively in passageways up to 1,6m in width.

Another application is the Max-Wrap, a patented secure packaging solution for protecting packaged cosmetics and beauty creams offered by P&G, J&J, L'Oreal, Nivea, etc....

It’s unique security concept increases on shelf availability (drastically reducing losses caused by unwanted tampering of packaging) to increase sales.

PPS is technology agnostic and will work with RF, AM and EM security solutions to deliver the best fit solution for your store needs.

Through global partneships PPS is also able to facilitate Soure Tagging programmes across the globe to ensure that vendors receive security tags for application and integration during manufacture, prior to delivery to DC and stores.

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Product category: Electronic shopping trolley management systems

CaddyCheck® BOB: Bottom of Basket detection

Recover up to 90% of lost sales at checkout

Retail investigations show that unpaid merchandise is left in or under 10-25% of shopping carts at the checkout. This represents a lost sales opportunity of as much as 5.000€ per checkout per year, per day.

Created at the request of a major food retailer, CaddyCheck® BOB enables recovery rates of 95% or more. Driven by Cognitive Video Technology®, the chance of merchandise passing the POS undetected is practically eliminated,

Time and Date stamping of each alarm event enables measurement of operator reaction times, statistical tracking and analysis of incidents, identification of risk product groups, and cross referencing of POS databases to control that merchandise was actually paid for, further reducing the risk of sweethearting.

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About us

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From it’s beginnings in 2008 as the European agent for All Tag RF EAS labels, Profit Protection Services (PPS) has evolved into an innovative turnkey solutions provider for retailers in the Benelux and beyond.

Whilst PPS initially focused on theft prevention, today we are now known to our clients as providers of solutions focused on a philosophy designed to help retailers "Sell more , Lose Less, More Efficiently".

Through selected partnerships with leading solutions providers, together with the development of our own inhouse concepts such as "CaddyCheck" (supported by the IWT (Belgian Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology) – today we offer a range of proven tools and applications that increase margins significantly.

With an accumulated 100 years of experience in Retail and Merchandising Security, PPS continues to evolve and will be showcasing a range of new solutions for Shrink, Shelf Management & Merchandising, as well as RFID, at the 2014 edition of EuroShop in Hall 7A D01.


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