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EuroShop 2017 hall map (Hall 10): stand G40

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EuroShop 2017 fairground map: Hall 10


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Product categories

  • 01  Shopfittings, shop furnishings, store design & visual merchandising

Shopfittings, shop furnishings, store design & visual merchandising

  • 01  Shopfittings, shop furnishings, store design & visual merchandising
  • 01.01  Shop furnishings
  • 01.01.01  Seating

Our products

Product category: Shopfittings, shop furnishings, store design & visual merchandising, Seating


Perfectly flat and extremely light, the 1000x3000mm ceramic slab, with a thickness of 3 and 5mm form an authentic architectural skin designed as a covering material for indoor and outdoor settings (floors, walls and facades) with surfaces that boast excellent performance, ranging from soft, natural textures to industrial, ultra-technological options.

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Product category: Shopfittings, shop furnishings, store design & visual merchandising, Seating


The Laminam pure ceramic slabs in the 1620x3240mm size, 12mm thick, are the fruit of the innovative production line activated recently. They offer priceless millimetres of extra space for the hands of skilled workers, providing them with more creative freedom than ever before. These surfaces are designed for the world of furnishings, from tops and horizontal surfaces to large, top-of-the-range kitchens, where extra-large ceramics slabs can be used as an alternative to materials such as marble and stone, which have a higher price and greater environmental impact.

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Product category: Shopfittings, shop furnishings, store design & visual merchandising

Laminam & Hydrotect

  Working together for the environment. Anti-pollution, self-cleaning, anti-bacterial, anti-odour surfaces.
Through an important cooperation agreement signed with the Japanese giant TOTO, today Laminam is able to guarantee its customers the innovative HYDROTECT self-cleaning treatment on its ceramic slabs

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Company news




Feb 7, 2017


From 5 – 9 March, LAMINAM, a specialist in the production of large-size ceramic slabs, will be taking part in Euroshop Düsseldorf, the most important three-yearly trade fair in the world of contract and specifically retail furnishings, from major chains to individual retail stores.
One of the companies most representative of the excellence and innovation of Italian industry worldwide, LAMINAM has chosen this occasion to show visitors the endless potential offered by ceramic material in the two sizes in production: the 1000x3000mm slabs, with a thickness of 3 and 5mm, ideal for floors and walls, and the 1620x3240mm slabs, with a thickness of 12mm, conceived for horizontal furnishing surfaces.
With 130 surfaces in the catalogue, LAMINAM also offers a wide range of aesthetic solutions designed to appeal to all tastes and styles: soft, natural colours in keeping with the material research trend in design towards ultra-modern, industrial or three-dimensional textures.
At Euroshop, the company will be meeting visitors in a highly striking exhibition space featuring contrasting colour effects and showcasing the various applications of the LAMINAM slabs, from their use in interiors to furnishing applications.

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About us

Company details

We started from a profound knowledge of the methods, techniques and products in our original sector, to identify new paths. Knowledge gained in over forty years of the group we belong to, which has always stood out for its ability to innovate production technologies, processes, products and logistics in the ceramics industry. Laminam was founded in 2001 from an idea conceived by Ing. Franco Stefani, a trailblazer in the ceramics industry, who designed this product and created the production technologies needed to produce it. Our origin is the patent for the production technology for manufacturing large-sized, ultra-thin ceramic slabs, which in the early 2000s was a completely new product - ultra-thin ceramics - and gave a new impulse to this mature sector. From here, we began to imagine new and innovative uses for this material, exploiting its potential to the full, both in the conventional fields of application such as architecture and indoor and outdoor floor and wall tiling, and in new sectors, such as furnishing and technologies for generating energy from renewable sources. Today Laminam produces eclectic and versatile large-size ceramic surfaces used in many applications in traditional and advanced architecture, furnishing and design.

The main factory, in Fiorano Modenese, Italy has been joined by two new facilities set to triple production capacity: one in Borgotaro (Parma, Italy), dedicated entirely to 1620x3240mm size slabs, and another in Russia, located in Balabanovo, not far from Moscow, reserved exclusively for 1000x3000mm slabs.

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