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ADM (UK) Ltd.
Ravenswood Park
CF5 6TR Bonvilston, Wales, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1446 781102
Fax: +44 1446 781556

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Company Profile
Moving Mannequins - Cyberquins

ADM (UK) LTD manufacture high quality lifesize, robotic, animated, moving mannequins called Cyberquins.

Cyberquins are the only running, walking and cycling mannequins in the world. Their incredibly smooth lifelike motion attracts maximum attention making the moving mannequins a powerful marketing tool.

Cyberquins create a dynamic entertaining animated display ideal for visual merchandising in retail stores, exhibitions and theme parks.

Animatronic Cyberquins (moving mannequins) not only have realistic human movement but they are durable and easy to use.

ADM also offer a comprehensive range of static, articulating/bendy flexible mannequins, dummies, models and figures to compliment their mechanical cybernetic range.

Cyberquins have now been used in over forty countries by some of the worlds biggest companies to successfully promote their products.

Cyberquins are used by Multiple retailers, Independent retailers, Brand distributors, wholesalers, Marketing agencies, Visual merchandising organisations, Exhibition companies, museums, Theme parks, Stadiums and Sports cafes.

New products include the Cyberquin kidz, Rotastands and Rotashelves. Please click on the product pages for further details.