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EasyFill AB
Industrigatan 10
84060 Bräcke, Sweden

Phone: +46 70 66058-82
Fax: +46 693 71596

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Company Data
Area of business
  • Shopfitting, shop furnishings, architecture and store design
  • Retail Technology
Company Profile
Unique rotating First in - First out shelf solutions

We are the personal development company that has innovation closest to our hearts. Based in Bräcke, in the north of Sweden we are resilient and since 2005 we have been working with the development of our smart easy fill shelf systems. Today the company has a product base of three patented products that reduces the time-consuming refilling and fronting of store and cooling shelves to a minimum. Our solid experience in the industry is a safeguard and a quality guarantee and well established cooperation’s with the leading beverage companies and cooling manufacturers is to be considered a stamp of approval from the market.

Breaking new ground is never easy and as Henry Ford once said:; “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses”.

We are aiming to lead the development of smart first in – first out shelf solutions suitable for convenience, and grocery stores worldwide.
If you are looking for innovative solutions that will increase your sales, save time and reduce costs you are in the right place.
Our goal is to fullfill the markets demand for a shelf design with better product display, always fresh products in front and reduced time for refilling. Focusing at fast and easy “First in – First out” our patented solutions are revolutionizing the industry as well as making sure the products on the shelves are always displayed in the best position – fronted!