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Recognise the value of being unique

How can visual stimuli create spectacular merchandise appeal? How much staging does the POS need? How smart can display mannequins become? Will we be able to shop with digital glasses in the future?

Visual Merchandising Dimension. Illumination for creative store design. Alterable eye-catchers. Digital interaction. Innovative solutions. Long-lasting effects.

Visual Merchandising: Using a good story to stimulate the customer's imagination

In times of e-commerce, visual marketing is becoming more and more important. Emotions and a well thought out story are crucial elements of the visual merchandising processes. The EuroShop dimension “Visual Merchandising” demonstrates how brick and mortar retailers can gain the customer’s attention.


Diese Foren des Rahmenprogramms sind die perfekte Ergänzung zur Dimension Visual Merchandising:


WindowsWear and Berkeley College announce the launch of the WindowsWear Museum at Berkeley College
New York City is the world’s fashion capital and is where brands come to life in the most exciting retail environments. The WindowsWear Museum brings renewed attention to the most creative elements of fashion, recognizes the professionals who create them, and works with brands to leverage this content in the digital era.
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Caps supplied retail fixtures for the Harley-Davidson showroom
This time we provided fixtures for another dealership of the legendary motorcycle brand. For India’s first H-D merchandise-only outlet we have delivered a complete set of displays and POS holders.
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Decorview announces 2017 window treatment design trends
Decorview, a leading seller of custom Hunter Douglas window treatments in North America, has announced its 2017 trend forecast for window treatment design. As a recognized decorating authority, the company’s predictions are expected to influence window treatment selections in the home.
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Retail planning and visual merchandising across the European market
Japanese sportswear brand Asics has initiated a rollout of Dutch retail technology company Visual Retailing’s MockShop software to enhance its retail planning and visual merchandising across the European market.
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