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Starting now, visitors and exhibitors of can get informed interactively about their trade fair visit and three-dimensionally discover the seven theme-related sectors of EuroShop in virtual reality.

Why the virtual world? ”Because getting a taste of the trade fair is simply meant to be fun. And because the retail sector knows exactly how important it is today to whisk visitors and customers away into an experience and elicit an emotional response,” explains Dirk Diepenseifen, Senior Marketing Manager at Messe Düsseldorf GmbH (Trade Fair Düsseldorf). This experience is reflected in the interactive journey.

EuroShop takes the next step into a successful future with its restructuring. To do this, it specified seven theme-related sectors the trade fair is divided into. They are Shop Fitting & Store Design, POP Marketing, Lighting, Visual Marketing, Food Tech & Energy Management, Expo & Event Marketing, Retail Technology/EuroCIS.

Each dimension has its own space in the virtual EuroShop world where visitors can look around and get informed in a multimedia format. Which exhibitors and product groups are included in a certain area? You can intuitively follow the path and seamlessly step into the adjoining rooms. A bit playful you say? Absolutely. But information doesn’t need to be boring.

You can explore the dimensions in three different ways: of course, very simply in a “mono“ manner (without glasses), “stereo“ (with 3D glasses to enjoy the 3D effects) and even with VR glasses. When you enter, the navigation through the experience is explained for the various end devices such as desktop and tablet.

The technology behind the experience – a making-of

The rooms were designed with a 3D program. To obtain a subsequent panorama rendering, it took six cameras, each with a 90-degree field of view, positioned at one point in the scene. Once the individual images are placed together like a cube, it creates a complete view of the room. After post-production, the seven rooms subsequently add up to create the entire experience.

To produce the stereoscopic images, utilized two methods: Anaglyph 3D and a so-called ”side-by-side” image for virtual reality glasses (VR glasses). ”Virtual stereo cameras were used to calculate and generate stereoscopic images of the experience dimensions. These cameras deliver – just like a human pair of eyes – two slightly different images each for the left and right eye, “describes Ulrich Hinz, Managing Director of the ergo Kommunikation advertising agency in Düsseldorf.

3D glasses for you!

Each exhibitor can request 3D glasses from Messe Düsseldorf that are developed especially for this experience. Waiting for the actual trade fair experience is thus shortened in an entertaining and fun way. Various other activities, all centered around the virtual dimensions, will also make sure of this.

Readers of Stores+Shops and the EHI magazine retail technology received one pair of glasses with december issue.

Immerse yourself into the topics of the world’s leading retail trade fair and experience the seven dimensions of EuroShop online in a three-dimensional world!

Join us at the trade fair from March 5 – 9, 2017!

Your EuroShop Team

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The 7 Dimensions of EuroShop

Foto: Themenbild Visual Display
Photo: Lighting design