EuroShop 2014: Impressions and voices from the halls

EuroShop 2014 in Review

Elke Moebius, Director EuroShop, and Ulrich Spaan, VP Trade Shows EHI, review EuroShop 2014 during a walk through the halls.


EuroShop Celebrated in Bavarian Style

Party impressions: EuroShop 2014 celebrating!


Voices of the Exhibitors at EuroShop 2014

Crowded halls, crowded booths - The exhibitors of EuroShop 2014 are delighted about the rush of expert audience and they are content with all the new contacts.


The North American Visitor Delegation

Absolutely amazed are the North American and Canadian visitors. They see EuroShop as the ultimate international venue of the retail sector.


Voices of the Visitors at EuroShop 2014

International visitors are curious about the EuroShop 2014: Find out in which topics they are interested in and what they expect from the trade fair.


Impressions from EuroShop 2014

A visit at EuroShop 2014 promises many new impressions and interesting facts about the retail industry.


Mannequins and Google Glass – the Retail Trade’s Sexy Future

Retail business is used to say "clicks ’n’ bricks" when a distinction is made between online shopping or brick and mortar retail.

The Future of Paying

Smartphones have become an indispensable part of everyday life for most people, whether as a communications center, organizer or entertainment device. For many, it has long been more important than the wallet. Cross-channel payment, payment with your smartphone at all sales channels, shall be the future. And she has already begun.

Source: Mhoch4