User community takes care of Microjobs

Product placement and advertising campaigns can be checked with the smartphone


Apps and social networks are not the only digital points where retailers can get in contact with their customers. Microjobbing apps can make the customers to employees which take care of different special tasks, for example the verification of correct advertising campaigns and instore communications.
Photo: kiosk; © wer denkt was GmbH

Press companies let the users check the availability and placement of various magazines and displays; © wer denkt was GmbH

At this point, crowdsourcing can help: Subsidiary tasks can be outsourced to individuals, who can take the verification off of the retailers hands at a fraction of what field personnel would cost them. This way, a company gains several thousand in freelance staff, who can check their advertising efforts case-based.

Crowdsourcing becomes extremely efficient in combination with the use of a smartphone, as it is clear to see in the success of different Microjobbing apps. One of them is the company AppJobber. Their user community now consists over 100,000 smartphone users in 8 different countries across Europe. With their smartphones' cameras and GPS, they can easily complete tasks on the spot and do this faster and more cost efficient than the companies own field personnel, which in turn makes it possible for firms to focus on more important and complex tasks.
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The users can, for example, review placements or promotions; © wer denkt was GmbH

The areas of application are diverse

The app by the StartUp wer denkt was GmbH provides a wide range of possibilities for companies. They can check their own products, observe the competition, check their advertising efforts and also conduct surveys. The newest application which has been added are mystery shopping tasks.

AppJobber originally started with various cases of navigation data jobs for TomTom, who the community helps until today to keep its map data up to date. But in the meantime the company's focus has shifted to the retail industry and its associated suppliers.

This way many PoS and PoI projects have been successfully created. Motorola verifies the introduction of its newest smartphones Moto G und Moto X at the PoS with AppJobber. Aside from the correct placement, which the users had to document on pictures, the availability of accessories also had to be checked.
Photo: © wer denkt was GmbH

Motorola verified the introduction of its newest smartphones Moto G und Moto X at the PoS; © wer denkt was GmbH

Several press distributers, like DPV Worldwide GmbH have the availability and placement of different magazines and their displays checked. An illuminating advertisement manufacturer has jobbers reporting defect illuminating advertisement and uses AppJobber as an additional sales approach.

A very interesting assignment came from the company 3Sixty-TV GmbH, who had the Jobbers check if their in-store media in fast food restaurants work properly. In the same way, retailers can check the devices in their stores.

As AppJobber's CEO Dr. Robert Lokaiczyk confirms, "Microjobbing provides an abundance of possibilities, especially in the area of PoS where small and regional dispersed as well as time sensitive matters can be outsourced to a large community to gain additional benefits that are most valuable for a retailers own business."

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