Unveiling the 2017 edition of C-star

The third edition of C-star – Shanghai's International Trade Fair for Solutions and Trends all about Retail, to be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre from April 26 to 28, 2017, is set for continued success this year.

Organised by Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, C-star covers four major product categories including Shopfitting, Lighting, Refrigeration and Store Design; Retail Technology; Visual Merchandising+ Marketing; Stand Construction and is dedicated to jointly promoting the transformation and upgrading of the physical retail industry and to enhancing the marketing development momentum as the international retail event in China.

New Store Design Exhibitors join C-star to Seize Retail Opportunities

In 2016, the phrase "customer experience" has become the focus of physical retail stores. With the rise of online retail businesses, physical stores are looking for innovative ways to persuade consumers to spend more time in their stores; more attention is paid to the consumer experience by focusing on the store décor.

C-star has always focused on store design solutions, which drove the expansion of the store design pavilion. With the growing influence of the show, many new exhibitors from the fields of store design and equipment plan to debut at C-star 2017, showcasing the best display and brand recognition solutions. These new exhibitors include Schweitzer Projects (Italy), Futuristic Store Fixtures (Singapore), MATRIX FRAME (Holland), HUMKA Display (China), Arcnode China (China), Pearl Mannequin (Japan), Cosmo display (China) and many more.

Photo: C-star tradefair with visitors

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The "One Belt and One Road" Strategy covers the Entire Retail Industry Chain

With China's positive industrial transformation, the "Made in China" brand has become a symbol of efficiency and quality, especially in the ASEAN region. With the modernisation of retail in these areas, the local system architects and solution providers are looking for opportunities to cooperate with Chinese manufacturers and participate in the rapid development of local retailing in the ‘new’ Chinese market. C-star promotes the productivity and export capacity of Chinese enterprises, paving the way for Chinese manufacturers to enter emerging markets in Asia. C-star aims to cooperate with In-store Asia, RetailEX ASEAN and Indonesia Retail Expo in order to enhance these opportunities.

The Chinese Government promotes the Innovation and Transformation of the Physical Retail Sector, C-star collaborates to create a New Retail Structure

On 11 November, the State Council issued "Guidance for Physical Retail Innovation and Transformation" to help bricks-and-mortar retailers accomplish three main transformations: "Transformation from just selling goods to offering innovative lifestyle-changing products”; “Transformation from largescale development to being quality and efficiency-oriented”, and “Transformation from scattered, independent competition to collaboration and synergetic cooperation”. In the same article, the State Council advised “three main aspects and nine main tasks" and "seven kinds of policy measures" to promote the transformation and upgrade of retail enterprises.

During the Singles´ Day (11 Nov) shopping festival, the government provided guidance for the bricks and mortar retailers; however, the warning signs of macroeconomic slowdown affected the entire retail industry, urging it to “further reduce distribution costs and improve distribution efficiency”. This enables retailers to realise their full potential in terms of quality efficiency and nurture consumer power in the new normal state of economic development. This policy was without doubt warmly welcomed by the icy bricks and mortar retail market.

As an event focusing especially on retail, C-star will jointly promote the development of retail enterprises and help shed light on the future of the industry. For more details, please scan the QR code to follow the C-star official WeChat account, or visit the official website: www.c-star-expo.com.

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